Trey’s Variety Hour #65: Flatbooks Authors

Trey’s Variety Hour #65: Flatbooks Authors

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In this episode I am joined exclusively by authors, Justin Balog, Paul Roustan, Christa Laser, Karen Hutton, Joseph Linaschke, and Troy Paiva! We learn a bunch of tips and see samples from their awesome books. We then go on to share some of our photos and G+ Photographer discoveries.

In honor of this special episode, we decided to make a special bundle at 50% off all their books including one of mine!

You can get the whole Author Bundle at

Here are the people joining me (and all of the books included in the bundle!) – you can see more about them at !

Big World Little Lens – Justin Balog
Diary Of A Body Painter – Paul Roustan
Goals – Christa Laser
I | We – Karen Hutton
Killer Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Canon Camera – Joseph Linaschke
Light Painted Night Photography – Troy Paiva
The Beauty of Ambiguity – (me!)

G+ Discoveries:
Noah Urban, Johan Swanepoel, Derek Kind, Mark Hammon, Johann Bodin, Hunter Luisi, and Paul Pavlinovich.

Thanks to Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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Thank you for watching!

Thank you for watching the show, I hope you enjoyed it! While you’re here be sure to have a look around!

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