Trey’s Variety Hour #59: All European Show

Trey’s Variety Hour #58: All Euro Show – At a special time 12pm PST / 3pm EST Today!

Enter the Europeans! Athena Carey, Serge Ramelli, Mike Shaw, Thomas Leuthard, and Ugo Cei join me and share their photos and adventures with us.

G+ Photographer Discoveries:
Francesco Gola, Christos Lamprianidis, John G Moore, Giles McGarry, Luca Cesari, Julie de Waroquier, Siegfried Hansen, Adde Adesokan, Achim Katzberg, Andy Gray, Julia Anna Gospodaru, Michel Rajkovic, Angel Sanguinetti, and Jean-Michel Berts.

Thanks to Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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Thank you for watching!

Thank you for watching the show, I hope you enjoyed it! While you’re here be sure to have a look around!

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  • Casper van Zyl

    Hi guysI’m Casper and watching the show it was once said the great pictures were B/W but in todays world it is not so. With technology today and changes being made to this industry i feel that colour has a place amongst the greatest of B/W today and can even stand alone. Enjoyed the show and tips.

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