Trey’s Variety Hour #56: Micro Four Thirds Discussion

Trey’s Variety Hour #56: Micro Four Thirds Discussion

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Gordon Laing makes his triumphant return to the Variety Hour! He joins me along with Giulio Sciorio, Peter Tsai, Amy DangRabbit, and Scott Giorgini. We discussed the ridiculously named yet awesome mirrorless camera system, Micro Four Thirds. There was plenty of gear porn and photos shared by the panel as well as questions taken from the viewers. Was a fun show!

G+ Photographer Discoveries:
Mikko Lagerstedt, Christopher Crawford, Jamie MacDonald, Faran Najafi, Patrick Lu, and Mark Toal.

Thanks to Keith Barrett and Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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  • Charles Wallace

    I just ordered the Olympus E-PL5. Just wondering if any of the participants in today’s hangout are planning to do a review? Maybe Amy or Gordon? I’ve been using the E-PL1 for several years but it sounds like the E-PL5 is a big improvement. And have any of you tried the new M43 lenses from Sigma, the 30mm or the 19mm, both f2.8 and $200. Thanks – +charliewallace

  • Leif Sikorski

    I’ve gotten my E-PL5 yesterday, it’s really great. For me it is the first MFT camera (coming from Canon DSLR) and i was very surprised how much you can customize the Olympus to your own needs.

  • gavz

    Really interesting TVH, great learning about something I know very little about. Does the Sony NEX suffer from the same focal range/depth of field conversion as micro 4/3, or does it maintain the same properties as a conventional APSC-sized sensor DSLR? Would be interesting to see what NEX owners think of their system in a future episode (maybe once the new lenses are out and tested).

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