Win TWO Copies of Lightroom and Trey’s Lightroom Presets!

Thanks for all the comments! Winners are Joe Azure and Vicki Wilson. Congratulations! Dave Veffer will be in touch with you to get your info.

Leave a comment below before 7pm Pacific Time, August 8th and let me know how you’d use Lightroom! (Contest is closed) I’ll also throw in TWO copies of the just-announced Trey’s Lightroom Presets.

Here’s a little video that shows my presets in action:

Trey’s Variety Hour #47: Lightroom Mania! (With Giveaways!)

Great photo show planned for today! You can subscribe to this show for free at:

The show airs each Monday at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET. (Check your local time)

Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty joins us and answers a bunch of questions from the panel consisting of Nicole S. Young, Ricardo Lagos, Juan Pons, and Gino Barasa. We discuss the virtues of using DNG and the panel shares some of their quick Lightroom tips.

We end the show with our G+ Photographer Discoveries:
Rob Dweck, Joni Niemelรค, Eleisa Barbour, and Alex Morley.

Thanks to Keith Barrett and Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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  • Matthew Momberger

    Trey is to photography, what Hans Zimmer is to music. I just bought the presets and have lightroom, just thought Id drop a line.

  • I’d use Lightroom to take my 550D photography to the next level. I want to start shooting landscapes and using Lightroom to make them look amazing – time to let go of AUTO mode!

  • I would love to win Lightroom! I think I could do much more with my photography with top notch software to assist with making visual art. I use some free programs right now, nothing even close to Lightroom.

  • Rodney Campbell

    Hi Trey – I’d love to do all my post processing and image management with Lightroom but more so I’d really like to try out your presets (although I don’t think I’d need two copies – one would be enough :)).

  • Candice Montgomery

    I’d use Lightroom to better manage my images from large jobs.

  • Ryan Katsanes

    Hi Trey – I’d use Lightroom to grow my business!

  • benstephens

    I’d love the presets – I didn’t know you could do so much within LR.

  • Terry Gardner

    I would use Lightroom to make my images uniquely my own. To find my style.

  • Chance Hammock


  • Bob Prangnell

    I’d use Lightroom as a place to go when the world seems dark.

  • Jan Karlo Camero

    These presets are great for really quick ways to boost your images. Thanks Trey for finally sharing your Lightroom presets! This will greatly speed up my efficiency when I need quick ways to start and get my workflow going!

  • paulgun

    After about a 1-2 years of deciding if I needed Light Room, the time is now!

  • I’d try better my HDR skills – adobe always have solid products. It’d be cool to experiment with your presets too!

  • Kelly Burden

    I would love to increase my productivity with the new Lightroom!

  • I would want LR4 so I can check out your presets! Sadly I only have LR3 ๐Ÿ™

  • Since I can’t afford new equipment editing my photo’s in lightroom would be the next best thing

  • I would love to win a copy of LR. I hear how easy it is to use & how if can increase your workflow. Not to mention I will be able to use your new presets ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mike Konvolinka

    Lightroom rocks!! If you don’t use it you wont regret getting it! Since I already use LR Trey, I would love to check out those presets you have created. For me, presets are a great place for “jumping off” if your not sure where you want to take an image. Thanks for all the great info!!

  • Bruce Dillahunty

    My photography post-processing right now encompasses tagging pictures and sharing with a few friends and family. Would like to play more with HDR and other effects, but haven’t moved to it. Adding in the new Macbook Air in the house and I’m ready… bring it on ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David Wegiel Jr.

    I need to finally organize all of my pictures. Trying some of your presets would be awesome as well!

  • I know there are a lot of easy apps out there for rendering HDR photos. I want to learn the actual steps. Trey, what would be the number one piece of advice for preparing a shoot for the best end result for HDR photography?

  • Nathan Gilchrist

    I’d love to learn to use it for spicing up pictures intended for a food blog I do photography for! It could help unify their look given that they are taken at different times of day and in varying lighting conditions.

  • Ilker Sen

    1 click editing on my to-be-organized collection! On a landscape photo for example, I’d typically increase shadows, decrease highlights, increase contrast, add clarity to sky and details, reduce noise, apply lens corrections, etc.

  • Enjoying your live broadcast! Would love to get a copy of Lightroom and your great presets!

  • George Fletcher

    I have Lightroom and would love a copy of your presets! I’d use them mostly for nature work though my daughter has talked me into taking her senior pictures:)

  • I really enjoy the look of your preset. Fingers crossed.

  • Emma Symes

    presets would be awesome as would LR, always a pleasure to hear your tips and ideas

  • Richard Salgado

    I have been using Lightroom since v.2 and I would absolutely love trying out HDR in what is an essential program for me.

  • Bobby Rafferty

    I am a new user of Lightroom and would love to own some of Trey’s presets to make it more awesome!

  • Duke Beasley

    I would: organize the thousands of pictures of my son that have accumulated over the years, immerse myself more fully in the photographic process(ing), not just your HDR techniques, but use the non-destructive capabilities of LR to play without fear, and create some photobooks for the family about my mom who passed away a little over a year ago.

  • Chris Allen

    Hi Trey. You have been an inspiration. Lightroom will be my next purchase but winning would be great. Your presets look like a must have. Even Thomas Hawk liked them and he isn’t much of a landscape or HDR guy. Sounds like a win to me!

  • robert brown

    I would use Lightroom to continue creating photo-art that enriches the world around me as well as my soul- there is simply no substitute for this amazing program- Trey’s work is proof positive of this- blessings to all- Bob Brown

  • Leeopold

    I’d use them to further my evil plans for world domination… and also
    give a copy to a struggling artist I know. Sort of a win-win for evil
    and good.

  • I’d use it to organize my current photo mess! I’d love to try your presets!!

  • D Misztela

    Lightroom and the presets would be great additions to my software. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MaryBeth Farrell

    just finished Treys new photography class and have light room & presets on my list. Winning one would be wonderful =) and most helpful to the budget

  • I’ve been debating between Lightroom and Aperture to go with my CS5… would *LOVE* to win this!!!! Anything of Trey’s is amazing… I can only imagine how awesome these presets would be on my photos from Yellowstone/Grand Teton I took last week!

  • Mark Dodd

    I use another product that shall go unnamed for now and have been watching all the wonderful stuf that people have been doing with lightroom here on the variety hour so I think it is time to swithc. PS. watch from my hospital room as I didn’t want to miss tomights show

  • Brock Riggs

    Thanks for doing this, Trey. Great idea and I’ve heard a lot of good, helpful info.

  • Darlene Hildebrandt

    I already have LR so if I won a copy I’d give it to one of my students that couldn’t afford it. I’d love to try your presets myself though

  • paulgun

    Canon CR2 36MB down to 26MB DNG FYI

  • Bill Ferris

    My plans are pretty simple. I’d use Lightroom to organize my files, make
    them easier to search and share. Eventually, my 11-year-old will have a
    family of his own and I’m looking forward to sharing the photographic
    family record we’ll have accumulated with a new generation.

  • James Slager

    I’d use it to organize and edit all of the family pictures I’ve been taking!

  • Tze Tuo

    I would use it as a way to organize my photos and process them since photoshop doesn’t have a way to keep them organized.

  • David McCary

    Just bought your presets and imported them into my new Trial LR. Would love to win a copy of LR so I don’t have to buy it in 28 days. My first day with your presets have blown me away with how they improve my images. Thanks for figuring all this software out and sharing it with us in easy to understand ways. Keep up the good work!

  • MaryBeth Farrell

    any inks to his workshops?

  • Michael O’Reilly

    I’ve been learning photography for half a year now, and learning processing is the next step I’m beginning on. I’d use Lightroom to bring me along that path in a better fashion than is otherwise likely to happen. I’m loving photography, and am very much looking forward to trying new techniques, HDR included.

  • Looking for a more professional image management system. Demoed Lightroom and enjoyed the results, but not enough time to get good with it. Love the site and pictures. Very inspirational.

  • Jason Plas

    I am definitely interested in the HDR features that Tom was reviewing in tonight’s hangout. My Photoshop abilities are beginner at best and this seems to offer a simpler solution to jumping into the HDR pond and getting my feet wet. I have just really got into using LR3, but it already seems like I am missing out on some great features that are only in LR4.

  • Really need to try out the latest Lightroom. Been holding out, but with Trey’s new presets, might need to get a copy.

  • Matt Dzierbun

    In your tutorials do you use the latest versions of LR and Photomatix? or does it not matter that much?

  • Josh Skonecke

    Since you answered my question about the benefit of moving from aperture to lightroom I would love to try ti out. I hope I get one of the copies so I can move forward with my photography. Also, I saw the preset video and the presets look awesome and I would love to test them out.

    Thanks for the show, it was a great episode.

  • I’d love to win a copy of Lightroom, I currently use a few different programs which really aren’t powerful enough for me anymore. Would be great to get a better workflow sorted using presets. Thanks!

  • Robert Schmalbach

    I’d give Lightroom to my son and keep the presets for myself.

  • I would so love to win lightroom 4 and Trey’s awesome presets. I want to learn to use lightroom to edit my photos and organize my photo’s better.

  • Peter Sherriff

    I’d use a copy of LR4 and Trey’s Presets to organise and process the photos I take when visiting Queenstown later this year with a bunch of Melbourne G+ Photographers that are planning a Trey Ratcliff ispired (and maybe led? *hint hint*) Photowalk in his backyard! (Not literally of course, that would be trespassing, stalking and many other illegal things…)

  • Cameron Smith

    By far the biggest reason I’d use Lightroom is to whip my photos into order, not to mention the added bonus of non destructive editing. Would love it to be my image hub.

    Cool show as always. Thanks for everyone sharing etc…

  • Rob Shipley

    I take pictures for our local dog park – lots of pictures. I would love to have the organizational and batch processing capabilities of Lightroom and Trey’s presets would be terrific for our publicity and calendar pictures.
    Of course there are also all my own pictures ……………. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Grant Linderman II

    I’d use lightroom to do light edits and organize my thousands of photos. And sync them between backup drives. I’ll have to get LR at some point ’cause those presets are looking pretty sweet.

  • I use lightroom with everything to do with learning photography. Here’s a sample of one of Trey’s presets! Hey Trey, since I already bought your presets, do I get a refund if I win then? ^_^ just kidding!!! would love to have a copy of lightroom though!!!

  • Jason Fiori

    It would be great to win a copy of the newest Lightroom. Iโ€™m currently using Lr 2, which is ok, but I know is quite antiquated. Iโ€™ve been told by several people to โ€œjust pirate it manโ€, but I always try to live by the Golden Rule. Great Show Everyone! Thanks Trey for being Trey and thank you Tom Hogarty for taking the time and being on the show.

  • ooooh! pick me! pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sherman J. Buster

    I would love a copy of Lightroom, and especially love a copy of your presets. As someone who is looking to expand what I can do within the art of photography, learning Lightroom would help my photography skills grow. I would mainly use it for my landscapes that I take, but I would also use it for my pictures of my family.

  • Dirk Thayer

    I’d love to get a copy of Lightroom. I have been using a very old version of Photoshop Elements (v5) and have recently load an eval copy of Lightroom 2 and love it. I am just learning photography and would really like to get more involved with the processing of the image! I love Stuck in Customs… keep up the great work!!

  • If I had Lightroom I would start shooting RAW. Right now my camera is too new for the version of Photoshop I have (CS3) so I only shoot RAW when doing bracketed photos for HDR because Photomatix can load them properly. The rest of my shots are all saved from my camera as JPEGS. I think this would really open up some creative possibilities for me.

  • Prakash Prasad

    I just went through upgrading my camera body (to a D800) and have been putting off LR4 purchase (well because I’m broke, and still need some lens – only have a 50mm). I even got a USB3 port to aid file transfers. Now, I wonder where I can get LR4 from and then I can start processing these pictures…

  • I would use Lightroom for the greater good! And to bring light to a dark dark world! Plus it would be a huge upgrade to what I currently use(Elements).

  • Hey Trey, I’d use them to edit / spice up the photos from my recent trip to vienna… and, as I just started my teacher training program (2 years of training after an M.A. at university you have to do to become a teacher) I’m kinda tight on money, so I haven’t upgraded to LR4 yet.

  • Bobby Gibbons

    OMG Trey, The Prophecy of all things HDR…I would be so honored with the gifting of your magical presets.

    I use Lightroom daily in my workflow and beginning to heavily rely on ACR, it’s just amazing! The more I can get done in Lightroom the happier I am not opening Photoshop!!

    I love you Trey!!

    If necessary I’m willing to sacrifice a Troll below!

  • Casper van Zyl

    Will be something to do when I retire this friday 10-8-12 2 days before my 70 birthday. I ask no more. may the best man win

  • David Baumgartner

    Would use lightroom that my pictures look better.. and i love the HDR presets, they look amazing

  • and all of a sudden there are 70+ comments…

    Of course I would use Lightroom to organize my pictures more efficiently.

  • first thing I’ll do with lightroom is backing up my files

  • Lightroom is win. I’d use it to make my photos truer to how my eyes + mind + heart processed the scene. I’d love being able to sort my files + archives in a way only a nerd would get excited about… I’m already drooling…

  • Denny Kurniawan

    it is time to learn Light room !!! Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiick Me, so I can make my pics more interesting than before. Thanks Trey.

  • Jan Flbrck

    i still use lightroom 3. i dont even own the ps creative suite…. only lightroom for my post. its my darkroom, my archive – the place where i personalize the moments i’ve captured…

  • I’d build a better work flow using Lightroom. I’d also use the presets to learn how to read and manipulate histograms; both are key to taking better photographs. It’s always good to learn from the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Frรฉdรฉric Klee

    Lightroom, as I used it some time ago, is the best to complete all photo work from CF card to website ! ALL IN ONE !

  • Kyle Yu

    I would use Lightroom to process all my travel pictures as well as pictures of my friends and families and then create albums and slideshows to share!

  • David Morton

    Need Lr to host Trey’s presets obviously! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Janek Bevendorff

    I’m just starting with serious photography, but I need a program to
    organize mz photos and Lightroom just seems to be the best one
    available, yet very expensive.
    I’d really love to play around with it and use it sort, edit and export my photos.
    I tried Bridge, but for Photography it really sucks. (and it looks ugly) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michiel Casey

    Just started Photography about 3 weeks ago, i got a Canon 600D and just bought a 50mm lens. Have been using the trial version of Lightroom 4.1 and it is a program that has already enhanced my photography and taught me so much about lighting and effects. I bought Trey’s Lightroom package and put it in the trial and now i cant wait to go out and take photos to see what they look like and add some pop and Dramatic Chippy. What more can be said about a pathfinder like Trey with the skill and advice handed down.

    Thank you and cant wait to learn more.

  • Mike Salmon

    I’m living in London, UK at the moment (have been for 7 years), and have gotten into the Olympic Games fever, snapping hundreds of photos in and around town. I bought myself a Canon 550D and a couple of affordable lenses (wide angle and prime) end of last year in preparation for the Olympics. However, when loading them up in Preview or Picasa on my Mac I notice they just look a little flat, with something missing from them. And every time a new post comes up from StuckInCustomers in my RSS feed, I’m just that little bit closer to buying Lightroom (or maybe even Photoshop one day). However, with those Lightroom Presets that were put here yesterday, I think LR (with those presents) is definitely the way forward with my photography. I’m hoping I haven’t gotten into the post processing game too late now that we’re almost finished with the Olympics ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joerg Knoerchen

    Hi Trey! I would love to win LR and your presets, I’m amazed by the things you do and I would love to boost my tools and knowledge… Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and tips!

  • I’m a hobby photographer and already made over 10’000 images I’d finally like to organize, but I haven’t any software.

  • I’m a novice! The one thing that everyone seems to talk about for post processing is Lightroom. I’d love to give it a go ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I’d use Lightroom to create some photo books of holidays and events, to actually get something physical from my photos rather than just having them stuck on a hard drive!

  • somebody has to win so why not me.

  • David Drayton

    After takening your “Art of Photography” class, I have learned the importance of post processing and editing. With a copy of light room I would vow to post process all of my acceptable photos to be sure to get the most out of them. Your presets would just make that easier for me. I would also post at least one photo from every shoot. (that sounds like a practice I will get into even if I don’t win.). Thank you for all the great information I have picked up from you!

  • Vincent Rochefort

    ohhh i would like to be selected ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Instead of buying Lightroom and CS6, I’d use the money from selling my Kidney to buy a Nikon D800. I’d then take kick-ass photos and process with Lightroom. Try to sell them and buy my kidney back.

    PS- i didn’t actually sell my kidney…but i would! Make an offer: 27years old, slighty abused.

  • Trey, I would love to win a copy of Lightroom to start to organize my photos and to do some basic preprocessing. Right now I have been using Nikon Capture DX 2 for everything I do and Nikon Transfer to upload my photos. I then have to remember which numbered folder things are in ..LOL. Lightroom would make things a lot better, I have been saving towards that goal. Thanks for sharing all your tips on how you use Lightroom with us!

  • Sรฉbastien Panouille

    I’n used to follow creativelive classroom and I learn so much about photography, and also about lightroom.
    I use lightroom as my main photography software, I catalog all my picture by folder, I use tags, I do all the basic adjustment in lightroom, sometime I export to photomatix, PTgui or photoshop to have more flexibility or doing some special treatment but 95% of my workflow is doing in lightroom!
    I enjoy watching potcast and online class to discover more tips in lightroom and try to combine all of them! Presets is one on the lightroom part I do not use yet! Maybe starting with Trey’s one could push me doing my own!
    BY the way thank you trey for all you consistant work!
    I enjoy following it and push me more into travelling photography

  • Im not using any post editor now other than occasionally adjusting levels in my oem canon software but more times than not I leave frustrated at the speed. I would live a copy of Lightroom to tag, keyword, keep organized, and be able to review my shots faster and learn what I like in a more reasonable workflow than opening every single image

  • I would use it to try out your presets… just curious what setting you have used ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’d like to learn Lightroom, I subscribe to your blog just to see the daily picture but never think I’d be able to take pictures like them. I’d love to be able to though.

  • Daniel Zaleski

    I would use it for much more efficient and effective timelapse creation – Lightroom together with free plugin LRTimelapse. I currently struggle with some other freeware options and do not have the ultimate control like with LR and LRTimelapse.

  • I need Lightroom so I can get my hands on these presets!

  • Daniel Hartle

    I would use it to finally organize all my photos and to edit them.

  • I would use it to organize all my photos and use the presets to edit my photos if I have many that I want to have the same look… and then I would order a photobook with all of my best photos!
    Sry for bad english ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Brian Torres

    I would use it to finally organize all my photos and to edit them.

  • Martin Ouellet

    I’d use it to manage my photos, publish them on smugmug after editing them and make them as beautifull as yours ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Vince Rhee

    Same as always: To help organize and process my seemingly infinite number of old vacation/event photos…

  • Trey if I won a copy of Lightroom I would give it to my wife as she is the photographer and it is her passion. She is trying to turn this into a career to help us with therapy for our autistic son as well as other things. Having a family of 5 kids makes it difficult for her to just go out and get any job but to be able to turn her passion for photography into a job would be wonderful and this would be a very helpful tool.

  • Chris Graham

    I would use LR to RULE THE WORLD!……….. OK, maybe just organize my photos and getting your presets would be an added bonus! Man I love presets.

  • Robert Peddle

    As a new photographer, I would use it to go back through my old
    and new photos and see how I can improve them and develop my own style as well
    as using lightroom to organise them and with Treys presets create some
    gorgeous photos

  • ec lundburgh

    Lightroom CS6: my first camera was Olympus OM-1 — loved photography but lungs HATED!!!! the darkroom chemicals and much of the magic of film photography occurred in the darkroom. so the
    unused film cameras have traveled from country to country, home to home in shoe-boxes. And finally, my shutter-self has reawakened, thanks to Photoshop, and my new dSLR arrives today (T4i) so I’m very interested is discovering what Lightroom has to offer over Photoshop for post-processing.

  • Trey I need lightroom!
    I love what you are able to do with your photos and I want the opportunity to
    do that to my Wedding photos. I recently have gotten married and have thousands
    of photos from the 2 separate ceremonies and a honeymoon. The thing is I married
    internationally, so we had an American wedding and a German wedding. Since we
    did not use a professional photographer in either country editing is up to only

    Our honeymoon was in Germany (her hometown) followed our honeymoon which was
    driving through Italy, Switzerland, France and flying to the Spanish Island of
    Tenerife. After all of our travels I have photos of castles, cathedrals and the
    mountains of Switzerland, all which would look incredible after editing with
    lightroom. All my adventures have been shot in RAW so I am excited to see all I
    that I can achieve from lightroom and you personally.

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have lightroom so that I can
    start editing my Wedding, Second Wedding and Honeymoon, and have them organized
    in a way that photos do not get misplaced.



  • Dee

    I have digital photographs from mid 2000 until now and then hundreds of scanned photographs. I’d use Lightroom to help catalog my photos and clean up some of my older scanned photographs.

  • Todd Newman

    I am literally just building up my portfolio and starting down the path to owning my own business. I’m using a trial version of Lightroom presently and am in love with it. If I were given a copy of the software along with Trey’s preset’s it would be a huge step into the direction of my passion and away from the desk job I have now.

  • Jim Shackett

    I’d like to use Lightroom to see what I could really be doing beyond Adobe Elements! Just got a D5100 and taking tons of pictures and trying to keep the budget for add-ons and such from exploding!

  • Cindy Brice

    Trey, I have three beautiful red-headed grand-daughters and I would like to take photos of them and use your presets to help show off their gorgeous hair and the surrounding scenery. I would LOVE for my grand-daughters to have vivid images filled with a lifetime of vivid memories to share with their grand children someday. I would also like to have the software to help me create a more organized collection for them. Thank you, Trey, for everything!

  • I would use Lightroom to help me better organize and process all of the photos I take while traveling.

  • Alberto Zumiani

    I just tried Lightroom and even in basic version improves photos a lot! I’m curious about plugins, presets and expand possibilities.

  • Thanks for doing this giveaway Trey.. I’m using Aperture, but it’s compelling to switch to LR for it’s seemingly more robust features, your presets/tutorials and Photoshop integration (once I have it).. So did I win?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cindy Brice

    I need your tools, and your mind ๐Ÿ™‚ to help me with my grand-daughters photos. Please pick me!

  • Ronald Paulsen

    Tray I could sure use a new copy of Lightroom. OH I am a huge fan of yours. Carry on.

  • Random Winner!

  • I would use lightroom to give my photos a different and creative look with these amazing presets!

  • Martin Schoenbacher

    I already have Lightroom, but i’ll take the Lightroom Presets ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Susan Dakes

    I would love to have a copy of Lightroom! I am starting school in a couple of weeks for Digital Design and this would be great to have!

  • Nicklas Larsson

    I would use Lightroom to organize and edit some of my 50000+ images and hopefully find a few gems from the past

  • Matthew Johnson

    Oh wow… I am an amateur trying to learn how to take photos and editing them. This would help immensely.

  • Elaine Taddei

    I would use Lightroom to edit my photos as I am using Photoshop right now and the big bonus would be getting to use your presets! Thank you!

  • Steve Appleby

    I’d love a copy of Lightroom, as I’m starting to love photography more and more, seeing the difference that subtle (and not-so-subtle) tweaks can make to an image. The possibilities in the step up from what I’ve done so far with Elements 8 really excite me.

  • Ratul Maiti

    I did see your Lightroom preset and makes me getting a copy for myself. As always, love your tutorials.

  • Victor Prada

    I’m still hesitating about updating to LR 4.1, but a “free” will be great!!! even though I kind of knew the tips you guys gave during the postcast, it was interesting to see each other approach when working in LR, Thanks and keep the good job

  • I’d love to use Lightroom, I’ve been a Photoshop user for awhile now and have heard great things about LR. I would use it for the pics I take of my family. I really wish I could have seen the hangout live, but the stream only worked on occasion and it was very difficult to watch. But thanks Trey for the hangout!

  • Dave Wolnik

    I have just started getting into photography and I would use Lightroom to help better organize my photos, they are scattered in many different directory’s and drives on my network, I always think to myself I am pretty sure I have a photo like that but then I just can’t find it.

    I would use your presets to bring my photos to that next level, to go from just casual snapshots to some photos that other people would like to look at, I know just your presets can’t take a bad photos and make it good, there need to be something else there, but looking at your photos inspires me to learn more about photography and to take better pictures.

  • dusanmal

    Well I’d use it to completely revamp my work flow. I am one of the users of manufacturer’s software for initial image processing (Nikon, Sigma) followed, if needed by Photoshop. Also, my photo organization is in folder file system and naming (it works better than tagging users may imagine if done well – but can be improved). So, Lightroom would make a fundamental change for me in both aspects and likely bring forth better results.

  • Gordon Baldwin

    Keep breathing keep breathing!!!!!

  • Don Denesiuk

    I recently purchased Lightroom 4.1 and I am delighted with what a useful and relatively easy to use product it is.
    However… I realize this isn’t an Adobe customer feedback site but perhaps there is a better chance of this information getting to the right ears if I put it here.
    I had a Windows XP system and couldn’t use LR4 because it does not work with XP. I was delighted to find a page on the Adobe site that had the older versions that did work with XP and D/L’d the same. I was delighted with the product after using it in the free trial mode for a few weeks so I purchased it on the Adobe web store. Unfortunately I purchased a V4 key code which will not work with V3. I was then informed by online customer service that I was out of luck and needed to upgrade OS as they do not sell codes for older versions period. So I did buy a new system ( no point upgrading OS on an older system) and it works fine but I feel Adobe should have made their policy clear and visible on the old version Web page so I could have been informed at that time and not go through this unpleasant experience that was the only mar on my first customer experience with Adobe. Thanks for allowing this mini rant here.

  • Steve Bunderson

    My daughter is a photographer and she just had a baby boy a week ago. I have been raving about Lilghtroom 4 to her and I would give it to her to use in her photography. Thanks for all you do Trey.

  • kom

    I would use Adobe Lightroom to get off some Lens problems, and probably correct my white balance on some photos I made during my urban explorations.

  • Suzanne Hebert

    I’m in the middle of creating a logo and labels for a new small business. LR would be a welcome tool!

  • When you need to quickly preselect, edit and organize a bulk of 250 out of 2000 photos taken in one working day… you need something like Lightroom.

  • Patrick Snyder

    Last week was a week of firsts for me: I got Lightroom and started shooting RAW. I’d stayed away from both until I took the Art of Photography and then I saw the light. I’d love to explore Lr and my images with the presets.

  • Susan Egan

    I’ve only recently begun doing edits to my photos. I’ve been told I do a great job composing, but that my photos could use some editing to really make them standouts. I’ve seen what others have done…and now it’s my turn. Thanks for doing the giveaway. I know the winners will be appreciative.

  • To improve the workflow and techniques! Currently only have Photoshop -;0)

  • Joseph Woolley

    I’ve been using Darkroom on Ubuntu to correct the low light photos, mainly because that is what I have available. However it tends to bog down on folders containing more than a couple hundred photographs. Now, seeing Lightroom in action via your hang outs, I can see that is the way to go. In a way, I have seen the light.

  • Alessandro De Palo

    Hey there! Lightroom will help me keep my pictures organized and develop them the right way so I can take full advantage of my raw files and camera. Thx for the variety hour, that was great! (as usual)

  • sixthcrow

    I just picked up Lightroom and your presets, just loving them. However got a little cousin who is just starting out in photography and joined me for the art of photography, so well just trying to improve her chances ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol.

  • Lightroom is a great software for me. it helps me a lot during my post production like correct my white balance or help me to change the skin tone.

  • Carly Pinkerton

    I’m 12 years old and just getting into potography and now im saving up for a good computer to put lightroom on so it would be a great help! And I think this would be a a huge help, and make a great difference in my photos

  • Robert Peterson

    I have two boys (ages 14 & 16) who love photography (as do I). They are in desperate need of a good way to manage/postprocess all their photos. We have been tremendously inspired by your photos as well as by your philosophy of openness. HDR has been the answer to my landscape photography woes. I have often lamented the camera’s inadequacy to capture what I see. HDR more than compensates – and you have been my primary source of knowledge regarding HDR. I visit your blog every single day.

    The three of us are working to start a little photography business of our own. We are embarking on our first photo trip (family vacation) to Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks next week. I’d love to be able to load Lightroom on the laptop before we go!

    Below is one of my first (acceptable) attempts at HDR. It’s not in your league by any means, but I like it.

  • Benjamin Doody

    Hi Trey, Lightroom would certainly help me organize and develope my RAW files more efficiently. I’d love to be able to have this program so I can get your presets as well and see what I can create from what I shoot. Thanks Trey!

  • Adam Hoke

    Great ‘Variety Hour’… It was great to hear some dirty little secrets (stuff I was oblivious to) about Lightroom!

  • Debra Ritter

    “I would use LR to develop a workflow for the thousands of RAW files I have waiting for pp help. Going through each one trying to “fix” them is overwhelming. W/Lightroom, I could find a way to batch process and get back to loving photography!”

  • luke kelly

    I would quit taking pictures if I could no longer use lightroom

  • Shelly Gunderson

    It doesn’t look like my original comment took as I cannot find it, hope I am not doing this twice. Sorry if I did. I would love to have access to Lightroom. I have seen amazing things it can do to improve photos and would love to be able to use it to improve mine. Thanks for the chance!

  • Blaise Ross

    i would love to have lightroom!!!!
    this would totally make my month!!!

  • James Leigh

    Lightroom has really transformed the way that I edit photos. Even though I have an older version, it has reduced editing time and increased the quality of the final product.

  • Christopher Rawlings

    I’m working on a project to scan 40+ years of family slides with a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED slide/film scanner. I’d love to use Lightroom for managing the growing collection of photos, picture tagging (people, places, etc), applying color calibration profiles, and for easily adjusting the lossless photos from the slides scanner. When scanning at full resolution (about 18MB equivalent) and color depth (16-bits per color channel), the lossless pictures end up at about 90-120 MB each and the results are quite good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Steven Schiebel

    Hi Trey, I love your work and all the wonderful bits of information you give out. I have picked up some of your ebooks already. I would love a copy of Lightroom to take my workflow to the next level and also to help in stepping up my work and hopefully trying out some of the great stuff I see from everyone here.

  • yeah, Lightroom!! Just using Photoshop today.

  • Timo Stamm

    Very interesting Hangout. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m not using Lightroom yet though. Just started photography and I’m looking forward to get Lightroom ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up to impressive work!

  • Michael Halstead

    Hey Trey, great๏ปฟ Hangout! I also just realized that you sound very much like Ray Romano. Maybe a future Ice Age could feature you as Manny’s estranged brother?

  • Jarek Sikora

    I already have a copy, but another one would not hurt!

  • Edgar Garcia

    I’m currently unemployed and going to school full time for a CIS certificate. My hobby is photography and am taking a photography class also. I would love to win a copy of Lightroom 4 since I can’t afford it at this time. I love shooting my two little girls and I’ll be able to do so much more with Lightroom 4. I already feel like a winner since I got to meet Trey in Santa Monica. Thanx

  • To be honest, I have no idea how I would put Lightroom to work, I’ve never used it before; but I imagine with all of the great tutorials that are available I could really make something more special out of my photographs.

  • Mark Erickson

    Thanks for sharing the presets, sharing and discussing the workflow really helps.

  • Alex Singh

    Thank you! Light room is great and I’d love to move on from version 2

  • Bo Insogna

    Fantastic! I have an old slow out dated copy… would use the new one for doing some of the incredible photo processing techniques I have Learned fro Trey that has made me a much better Photographer!

  • Sean Thurston

    Fantastic. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a copy. Thanks Trey for all that you do for the community.

  • Clive Massey

    I would love to win Lightroom, if only to use Trey’s presets!

  • Toto Vo

    I’d upgrade from Lightroom 3 and give a copy to a friend.

  • Penny Kojak

    Never used Lightroom. I’m still working the RAW editor in Photoshop. Since everyone raves about it cutting down on processing time, I guess I would use Lightroom to have more time to spend on things besides editing.

  • Jeff Hirsch

    At it’s heart, Lightroom is a Library combined with a Digital Darkroom

    I use the library in Lightroom to bring order out of chaos. (My 125,000 shot library is date sorted and keyword tagged!) And I use the darkroom/develop module to bridge the gap between what the camera captures and what I saw in my mind’s eye when I took the photo. So often we return from a shoot only to see images that pale by comparison to the experience we had taking them. Lightroom is an amazing tool for bridging that gap and getting the image back to something closer to what we perceived.

  • Can’t wait for variety hour #47!

  • maurice elderhorst

    I use Lightroom to organise my photos, and to do my RAW post processing. I don’t use presets yet, only the ones I’ve created (lenscorrection and basic sharpening).

  • Daniel Stemen

    I’d shuck the oyster with LR4 and take over the world!
    Also I have been helping a great friend with his start up photog business that he started last year with his wife and this would be a great tool in aiding them and my self with my amateur wanderings.

  • Tom Faulkner

    Great show on the presets. I’ve upgraded Lightroom to v4. and can’t wait to grab a set of your presets!

  • Hey I would love to Win Lightroom!!!! I seem to have been falling into a photography funk lately and I want to start a project like a 365 so I would HAVE to take and process a new photo each day that will push me to try new things and get better. So I would use the new Lightroom to help me get better in my photography journey and motivate me to take some new pictures to process!

    And did I mention your just awesome Trey ๐Ÿ™‚ Pick me!
    Great Variety Hour this week!

  • Lightroom is an extension of my creativity and brings order to the craft of photography.
    I would use it to grow as a photographer.

  • Ryan Steele

    I’d use LR to finally organize the tens of thousands of images that are neatly sitting in yyyy-mm folders just waiting for some organizing and editing!

  • Lightroom would be a great piece of software for me to use. It would help me keep things organized much better than I currently do.

  • Hi Trey- My wife and I are working on starting a small spice company business. I am taking all of the pictures for our future website as well as promotional material. Currently my PSE isn’t cutting it and would love Lightroom to streamline the process and make merging photos, graphics and font together. Keep up the good work! You are a great inspiration to me every day!

  • Had an absolute blast watching you guys last night and learned a lot. Realized that Lightroom could cut down on a huge amount of my workflow. Ended up talking to Gino for a bit last night also (kind of by accident lol) which was a lot of fun. First time watching your hangout and had a blast! Thanks!!!

  • I want to use Lightroom in my business adventures, helping small businesses in my local area have a larger visibility online via beautiful photos on GoogleLocal, Google+, their social media network and elsewhere. We’ve moved into such a visual world that promoting local small, independent businesses with visual ‘eye candy’ is an appealing marketing tactic, particularly with visual friendly businesses, such as restaurants. Everyone loves delicious food photos and I want to make my local businesses really shine. I live in Northwest Indiana, which has forever been overshadowed by Chicago, which is only 25 minutes away. It’s really a cool place…we have huge sand dunes, a lot of history, our own culture, and I want to promote Northwest Indiana as ‘the place to be outside of Chicago’ and do this with visuals, notably local photos of restaurants, businesses, parks and other attractions.

  • Tana Teel

    I need these! I am in need of lightroom badly!!

  • I’m just about to start college at PNCA in Oregon to get a BFA in photography! I got in thanks to the HDR skills I have been able to use thanks to trey and many many hours on the computer hah A chance to have some new pre-sets and up to date legal soft ware would be the best thing to happen since I received my acceptance letter ! It would go to the best use possible i’m on the computer editing photos every day for hours on hours to improve my post-proscesing skills plus i’m a poor college student now and can’t afford the newest programs.. anyways love the work trey keep it up!!

  • Ash

    I stated shooting RAW a couple of years ago but never got to properly process them. I couldn’t figure out Photoshop even if my life depended on it. I’ve been looking at Aperture for some time now but after watching the videos above I think I’ll get Lightroom instead. Big fan of your work and cheers for HDR tutorials. If a photography noob like me manages to get decent HDR results anyone can.

  • Hi Trey! My great grandfather, grandfather and father were all photographers, starting around 1910! I finally took a course in photography and used Lightroom for my class projects, and loved it! I decided after the course to sell my nice guitar and purchase a DSLR, essentially trading in one creative outlet for another. I would use Lightroom to further my creative expression!

  • Florian Seyfert

    That was a great show (even though I had some connection issues at the beginning), very informative. Should definitely have more shows like this inviting guests from major photography tools, such as Adobe PS/LR, OnOne, Nik’s, Google+, etc

  • Alex Riss

    As I upgraded my point-and-shoot to a mirrorless (Sony NEX-5N), maybe it is time to upgrad Picasa to Lightroom?

  • As a beginning photographer, applications like Lightroom and and the presets to go with it are so expensive (even more so when cash is spent furthering my education). I have found a true passion in photography and am very greatful for all the sharing of information on the web today, and Lightroom would help develop my photography and maybe even help me find my own style and niche in the the great world of photography.

  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. I already have LR4, but I know someone I would give it to.

  • Michael Halstead

    So… DNG now. Ok. Trey… you first. Let us know how you like it.

  • Kristjan Klementi

    I was used to take photos in an “old fashioned way” where the images need to come out of camera. My post processing usually meant only little cropping and sometimes some brightness and contrast changes.

    I lately used Lightroom 4 trial version to see what I could do different and how it can make my photos amazing.
    My trial version ended two days ago and now I don’t know how I could manage without it any more.

    Its amazing software and makes fun and light in my my photography hobby. I could make great images from a lot of photos that did not come out of the camera because of some little field errors on camera settings… Luclily I always did shoot raw and I have them all.

    So maybe my luck turns a smiling face on me and and You Trey, give the copy of Lightroom to Me !!!
    The trial version already changed the way I look into photography… I hope I could make that change permanent by getting the Lightroom


  • Perry Kibler

    I really wanted to like Aperture more, but no matter what computer I use it on (including the highest-end i7 with 16GB RAM), Aperture was just too slow. I’m demoing it now and while there are certain things I prefer with Aperture, I think for the speed alone I’ll be going to Lightroom.

  • Recently got a new 60D and have been shooting like crazy. Lightroom would be a great way to organize and tweak all those new images!

  • Lightroom has been a great addition to my digital workflow, and I can’t imagine life without it… My current challenge is to figure out the best way to integrate Lightroom into a collaborative working model (e.g. 2-5 individuals working on a similar dataset)

  • I use Lightroom 3 to manage over 100GB of my photos. Getting a copy of Lightroom 4 would be a sweet surprise.

  • Gabriel Fereira

    I’d use lightroom to finally organize over 10,000 pictures of my two boys. I have been afraid of using this application, thinking it is for pros only, but after 3 months following very closely the amazing things you can do with LR4, I am not afraid any more. The first thing I’d do after getting the software (I really hope I can win), is to record and share a video with my experience, before and after lightroom, so others like me can overcome their fears and start organizing our precious digital assets. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • raghul

    Lightroom is Awesome – using it for past 5 years – my entire collection is managed using Lightroom. Apart from the easy edits of the photos from color correction to lens profile correction, camera calibration correction, sharpening, saturation, softening etc… the flags and different ways to mark albums, search using lens type or camera type – all these are features i cannot love without.

    Hoping to move to Lightroom 4 soon – when i can afford it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ramesh Pondhe

    I’d love to win Lightroom to process some of the baby pictures I’m taking last 6 month of my new born.
    Thanks for all the great information Trey!

  • Sean Enright

    Just starting out in photography, loving it so far and would really like to try my hand at some more in depth post processing but price has been a barrier so far!

  • Dale Ellis

    I’d like a copy of Lightroom to better organize my photos, speed up my workflow and allow me to make simple edits faster. I’ve used trials of previous versions and have heard great thing about LIghtroom 4.

  • Marvin Bowen

    I’m still in LR2, slogging along. I would use LR4 to increase my DR from my 30d and broaden the scope of how I can better serve my clients. The presets looks like tons of fun just to click through and see how they change and reinvent my images. Thanks for being so open and sharing, Trey!

  • Lightroom makes my workflow much faster with the ability to sych settings and apply presets to many pictures at one time.

  • I use Lightroom for all my photo management and as a starting point for all my post processing work, to Photomatix or to Photoshop.

    Its a great way to organize a ton of photos I have.

  • Jason Kay

    Lightroom 4 would allow me to finally get a handle on managing my photo collection. Having files strewn all about makes it difficult to promote and develop the work that I have created.

  • Jon Hess

    Lightroom helps with vast volleyball photos and dabbles in HDR. Would love new raw engine for my d800

  • Bassam Khulusi

    Great, count me in!

  • I would use LR4 to organize my ever growing pile of raw files! Thanks for the giveaway Trey!

  • bcb

    I’m still editing managing photo files manually and editing everything in Photoshop, so adding Lightroom to my workflow would be great!

  • I am a student with a passion for the quaint and the surreal. I would use Lightroom to try and capture the ephemeral beauty that envelops us everyday in vacant eyes, nostalgic sunsets, whispering clouds and places that were once the hub of memories and laughters.

  • Jarrod Van Hoogstraten

    Great demonstration – I’m amazed at the changes the applied effects can make. I would use Lightroom to go back through my vacations and family pictures that have been collected over the years and use the presets and software to bring the memories back to life!

  • billsatterfield

    I have around 10,000 photos. This seems to be about the number at which one looses control. HELP

  • Paul Sek

    Amazing what presets can do! Wouldn’t even had tought about using something like that. Unfortunately I don’t have Lightroom 4. But I would use it for organizing all of my photos and try to make them awesome with those precious presets ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melody Migas

    I’d give the copy to my son. I have it, use it, & love it. But my son uses Apecture. I keep telling how great Lightroom is. I think it would fit his needs more. The sliders are like magic. We’ve also got a family vacation coming up and I hoping to do some family photowalks during the day. Then we can process and learn together at night.

  • By using Lightroom, I would not have to use Photoshop as much. I can organize all my photos in LR4 and use it for about 80% of my editing. And when I am done, I can share directly to Flickr, 500px, Facebook, etc.

  • George Koklas

    I would give the Lr copy to a friend of mine. She has only recently taken her first steps in photogaphy and I think it would really help her out with post – processing and organising.

  • Graham Knights

    I’ve heard so many great things about lightroom, I’m really interested in trying it to see what all the fuss is about!

  • Christa Laser

    I’d try Lightroom. I currently use the Picture in Motion Browser, which lets you adjust colors and light and organizes photos, but it sounds like I need to give Lightroom a try, too.

  • Aldo Figueroa

    Free is always good.

  • Love to try Lightroom! Currently using Aperture!

  • I’d love to have a copy of Lightroom. And, your photography is amazing. Always a pleasure to view it :]

  • s_boardman

    Lightroom would help me organise my cluttered photo collection!

  • Ivan Nicolau

    I’d use the new Lightroom to replace my old Lightroom. :p j/k But no really I would.

  • Very cool presets. Using Lightroom to (well… set presets) and catalogue my Raw files prior to post. I love the noise reduction built in until I can afford a little more specialized software. Keep up the amazing work.

  • I would love more than anything to win a copy/copies of the Lightroom software. I am a graphic design (major), photography (minor – currently my college doesn’t offer very many photography courses) student approaching my senior year. I have high expectations and goals in achieving my own business in photography. There is so much to learn and I am starting at the bare minimum right now. I have been taking pictures since a young girl but have grown quite a bit since then and want to take my skills to the next level. I want to bless other people with one of my many talents (one of them being photography) so if I am chosen as a winner I can guarantee 100% that the program(s) will be used! It took me two years to save up for my Canon 550D/T2i but it was well worth it! In my experience hard work always pays off but with the right attitude, lots of enthusiasm/optimism and encouragement and the right people to help me along the way I can achieve my goals.

  • Dan McDevitt

    Thank you for posting the video… it was great. Only thing better would to be able to actually have Lightroom to practice with and use lol.

  • Carlos

    I didn`t like Lightroom before, after taking your class I like it because of the power you have to enhance a photo with simple steps and logic, and I would like even more if I win a copy.

  • Eric Pearson

    Would love a copy of Lightroom that I could give to my dad. He needs to get with the times already. And, the presets are great, Trey. Well done.

  • Lightroom would help me control my workflow and enable me to find my edited masterpieces! The software I use now (to remain nameless) saves my edited images (edited with countless plugins) in a different folder!! Where do they go? I can never find anythiing! Woe is me…and if I had Trey’s plugins to boot…OMG…there would be no stopping me! Everyone says I need Lightroom but who knew? I have already spent too much $ and too much time on two programs (nameless again) that are falling short! (I am also short…)
    Thanks. (pick me, pick me)

  • Baz

    Love a copy of Lightroom would definitely speed up my work flow, even more so with a set of your presets.

  • Kimo Estores

    Haven’t used Lightroom but your video and presets look amazing. Would love to try it out and free is an awesome price ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Livingston Lee

    Trey I don’t even have Lightroom yet but I’m in the process of getting it. After all the research I been doing It seem like an awesome tool to manipulate my photos. I added you to my circles so I’ll be in touch.

  • David Campbell

    I would use Lightroom 4 to fix global warming, procure a decent candidate for President of the United State, and doctor photos to depict Shantanu Narayen in compromising situations with the Netherland’s Womens Field Hockey team. Normally, these endeavors would cut pretty heavily into my disposable time, but Lightroom 4’s refined workflow, automation, and intelligence would give me more free time than I have today without all that extra stuff on my plate. So I’d use my newly created free time to finally organize, process, and share my mountain of digital images. I expect Lightroom and Trey’s presets might be of use there as well.

  • Nick Wyatt

    I thought this was a great informative Google Hangout on Lightroom. Great tips and helpful knowledge! I fell away from photography couple years ago but I’m just recently picking it up pretty hardcore. The one program that has really pushed me back into photography is Lightroom! I currently use Lightroom 3 but I really like the new sliders in 4. Lately I have been playing with HDR photography and can’t decide between this new HDR .tiff editing in lightroom or if I should go with something like Photomatix.

  • nsbancroft

    Hey Trey,
    I’d use the latest version of Lightroom to keep on growing my photographic passion. I can’t wait to try your presets.

  • Gary Bell

    I’ve heard Lightroom is to photos as photoshop is to graphics creation… the best. But I’d like to see it for myself at the great cost of free.

  • Katie Hermez

    I’m just starting out and it would be an AMAZING tool ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi, I would use Lightroom, help me organize and track my growing photo collection.

  • This week I bought my new Canon 650d and I would like Lightroom to be my main software.
    I can’t live one day without schooting outside since i got this camera ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • John Pavlis

    I’ve been a use of LR since day 1. Love all that can be done with it and how it fits in with my workflow with Topaz and Photomatix. Would love to have those new Trey presets for LR. Stunning results!

  • Hi Trey, I would use lightroom to streamline my workflow. Lightroom is my RAW processor of choice currently and with these presets my work in lightroom will only increase.

  • David Seibold

    I use Paint Shop Pro X4 and AfterShot. I feel kind of lost in the ether, like, I should really be using Lightroom. I saw Trey’s Lightroom Presets in use during the Discover the Art of Photography tutorial and was very impressed.

  • I use mainly Photoshop and have never used much of LR before since I did not have a copy of it. I am helping a close friend take some engagement pictures and will definitely would love to use Lightroom to organize the photos

  • Claus Toft

    Lightroom 4 would be a good reason to change from shooting jpg’s to RAW !

  • Chris Pokorny

    I’ve been meaning to try out LR – I’ve got a couple of years worth of photos organized by folders but really need a better system. I would love to receive a copy of LR.

  • I use PSE 10 and lightroom would be great to give me that extra edge like you have in all your photographs!

  • I’d like to use Lightroom to quickly and easily sort, correct and management my landscape photos.

  • Danielle Skinner

    I would use it to color correct, especially skin tone.

  • I’d use it to organize and process my concert photos. .. all 98,327 of them as of today.

  • Tommy Farnsworth

    I’d use Lightroom to get my wife organizing our 50,000 plus family photos so we can get the shared for all our kids.

  • I would love a copy of lightroom i would use it to better organize my files and create a better workflow as it seem much better than iPhoto. I love your pics! Keep sharing. Thanks

  • New fan/follower here, I got into photography about a year ago and learning as much as I can with my T2i and now I have 4 lenses and photoshop, I have been hearing alot about LR and think it would be a great tool for me to had my branding to my photos. There are numerous ways to incorporate styling and edits to the old photos that I have taken with my point and shoot as well as my Canon. I hope I will be the luck winner of LR as I need it to enhance the visual effects of my projects. Thank you!

  • Because I’m a begenning photographer, I would use it to base my shots with.

  • As a Master’s student, I cant afford this wonderful software now. I would use it to improve my post production skills

  • David Koppe

    love lightroom – would use it to edit and publish photos of northwest coast first nations art!

  • I would love to have a copy of Lightroom, I do not have it now, I use another program that is not nearly as useful. I have watched all your videos and seen what you can do with the program. I am into HDR and landscape photography and it sure would help out! I also like your presets, they look to be really helpful in the process.

  • Micah Burke

    I use Lightroom now for all my photo projects. I’d love to get a copy to give to a friend who has a nice camera but no software.

  • Abeer Saeed

    I have used Lightroom to edit my photographs in the past and one of the main reasons I loved it was because of how smooth and easy the workflow is. I like organization and I like being able to edit my photographs in bulk. Photoshop is powerful and amazing when it comes to editing, but being able to edit 100+ pictures at the same time would make my life a lot easier.

  • Lightroom is amazing! I love how easy it is to organize, view and edit with. I especially love using presets. It’s great to be able to see the after effect immediately. I would love to win Lightroom 4, an upgrade from what I’m currently using. I’d also really love getting some of your preset!!! Thanks!

  • Lightroom is an awesome programme, I’ve been using LR 2 for several years but would love to update to LR 4. Perhaps if i’m lucky this will give me the chance. Cheers. Laurence

  • Michael Glickman

    I love Lightroom , i use it everyday for my photos, i’m just starting in photography and couldn’t work without it. I would love the newest version of LR and the best presets!

  • Lightroom with Trey’s presets? Great combo!!

  • I use lightroom to tweak light levels and use its workflow to enhance the quality of my photos. I have been photographing for 3 years so I’m an amateur ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing your photos.. they look wonderful.

  • Would use Lightroom to better my image processing. Would really love the presets as well. How can you go wrong.

  • I would use it to increase my workflow and produce more. Nothing worse than having so many ideas and not having enough time to do them all. PS, I wrote you in 2009 about thinking about getting into photography. Now I’ve been published and making a little bit of money from selling my prints. And I’ve never considered it “work”. You really gave me the inspiration to try it myself, while showing me what was possible with digital photography. Thank you!

  • I would use lightroom to keep track of and process the many, many sports photos I take! It works well with SmugMug, too! Those are some really fancy presets you got there.

  • I honestly don’t know much about Light Room but would have a lot to discover I am sure. With your presets included I am sure it would be an awesome package.

  • I like lightroom! I’m a version behind. Heard great things about lightroom 4

  • Hey, Trey, I’m taking a lot of HDR landscape photos and processing them with SNS-HDR. I’d really like to see the rendering improvements if I did the entire process in Lightroom; I think the rendering would come out better rather than a 2-step TIF-to-JPG process that I’m doing now. Plus, I think I could really get some mileage out of your presets, as I shoot in all kinds of light and geographical conditions – dark night skies, urbanscapes, as well as sunsets & sunrises especially. Here’s a sample!

  • God doesn’t give every thing to every one.. But Lightroom can! Started using lightrom since couple of weeks.. and its awesome!

  • I would love to try out LR. I have over 10 years of photos (which include RAW and JPG) and would like to see how I can use lightroom to manage them better.

  • I capture all my images in raw to be process and organize in lightroom. I review everything in lightroom and make most of my corrections here first. If lightroom can’t corrected any problems I switch over to photshop to complete the task.

  • I’ve actually never used Lightroom before. It seems like it would be easier for my workflow than Photoshop, which I use currently. I’d be interested in learning how to use it.

  • Trey, the tutorials I’ve purchased from you, and your software recommendations, have helped me be a success, rather than a failure. I am a fledgeling photographer who has been blessed with some pro opportunities and if you hadn’t been there for me I would have been left in the dust. So appreciative of your Lightroom offer. Maybe I’ll be the one to be blessed. We’ll see what the Lord has in store.

  • Lightroom is an awesome programme, would love to get my hands on LR 4. Here’s hoping. Cheers from the “Head the lake”. Laurence

  • Brian Chang

    Just started getting into photography last year. Having a blast so far. Would love to have copy of LR4 as my current version of LR3 seems to be buggy.

  • I’d finally be able to find all my pics. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I love playing with any kind of photo-manipulating software. I’ve just discovered HDR and I can’t wait to explore the techniques more fully.

  • I already use Adobe Lightroom. Love it when working with raw photos. I don’t need a copy but would like to check out some of your presets! Love you Trey!

  • Aaron Mast

    I’d use Lightroom to help me work through the mountain of pictures I just finished shooting in SE Asia.

  • Moved from ACDSee to Light room recently after Art of Photography session. These plugins would be a good leverage to help me out thru the transition ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Love Lightroom and the rest of the Adobe software. I’m a young freelance journalist and I’m striking out on my own photography business! Would love to have a new copy of Lightroom as an added tool but I’m too broke from sinking my small amount of capital on new hardware!

  • I would use Lightroom to play and sing with color, to surprise others and amuse myself. I would be bold but sometimes subtle. I would energize and zing. I would be obvious, mysterious, and exotic. I would be different.

  • I could stop using Paint Shop Pro….

  • Awesome Trey!! Big fan of your concepts and talent. Thank you for bringing the world up to speed with HDR… Lightroom 4 would be a great asset to helping my work flow.

  • I sure need the currnet version of lightroom, and of coarse I would use it with my images.

  • I’ve been a big fan of Lightroom ever since shooting my very first wedding. Really useful with its batch processing and ability to tweak exposure and white balance.

  • I have learned a lot from you and I think this would add to what I have been able to do with my photos. Thanks!

  • Lightroom4 with ur presets would make my day great ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Would use it to move away from iPhoto! I heard some great things about the product and watched a video you posted that makes this look real fun! So cannot wait to use it!

  • I would use lightroom to keep improving in my skills in photography with big ambitions and hopes of one day becoming a great photographer, leaving peacefully this world knowing that I left beatiful pictures for the enjoyment of others…
    Keep up the good work, you are a true inspiration for me.
    Here’s a little picture for you Trey!

  • Hi Trey – I’ve been following you for a few years now and am currently in the process of building my Wedding/Portrait photography business. I started shooting landscape a number of years ago and would love to make more time for it now, in between my client shoots. Lightroom 4, and more specifically, your presets would not only help me grow my business, but also motivate me to get out and start shooting landscapes again ๐Ÿ˜€

    I live in Boston, so there are certainly an abundance of great locations to shoot in and around the region!

  • Scott Schneider

    I have yet to get Lightroom but Im looking forward to trying it out. Ive recently gotten hooked on HDR photography and Im combining it with my first love, movies. I am a set designer for the film industry and I am on a crusade to do something I dont think anyone has tried yet, HDR photos of movies sets. I hope to share with you all at some point. Thanks again Trey for your wonderful site an helpful tips.

  • I have quietly following your work and techniques in HDR and I am beyond thrill that you created your very own presets! I am beside myself…

  • After struggling for months trying to get a good HDR shot, what your presets and a new copy of LIghtroom could teach me is immense …

  • Brian Lang

    Having a copy of Lightroom would help me improve my shots when I get home from a photo trip.

  • I would use Lightroom for both work and play. I color correct food images during the day and pictures of nieces, nephews, Bernese Mountain Dogs and the beautiful Wyoming landscapes at night.

  • I’ve been using Photoshop CS6 and because I shoot in RAW it’s really a slow process (1 at a time). My best friend had just purchased lightroom about the time I started following you and saw what you can do with it. I downloaded the 30 day trial and LOVE the ability to view all of the RAW images at once! Now that you have me hooked, I have to have the full version! Vignette2 is my favorite included filter, but I would love to learn how to make my own like yours!

  • I will use it to get some work done finally!

  • I have years worth of photos of my kids that I’m eager to put into Lightroom. I watched an online tutorial of Lightroom and although I have never used Photoshop, I think I can learn Lightroom to make my photographs even better. I am looking forward to selecting points within each of my photos to bring out the blue in my daughters’ eyes.

  • Just watched your Preset video Trey, they look great. Do they just plug into Lightroom? Cheers. Laurence

  • I love lightroom for many different reasons like making virtual copies of a single image with different settings, the presets capability, etc. For that and many other reasons, I would like to have a copy of the software, as it increases my ability to make changes on the fly without affecting the original image, and create copies with different exposures to create my HDR images in photoshop.

  • I would be so grateful if i got these.

  • I would love to have lightroom 4 after investing in a D800 it is annoying that I can’t edit the images in lightroom 3 ๐Ÿ™

  • Lightroom would be awesome for me! I already am addicted to Photomatix Pro. Been addicted to your tutorial and that’s what got me into it. I’d love to export into Lightroom from PP and utilize its awesomeness!

  • I am a “newbie” starting out in “creating” photography. I took Trey’s class, Discovering the Art of Photography, where I was introduced to Lightroom. I immediately went to the website and downloaded the free 30 day trial and discovered I liked this product very much! I would love to have a “permanent copy” of this software. I have followed Trey for sometime and just love the photography that he creates!

  • Lightroom is something I’ve always wanted aha, so much more fluid than Bridge…

  • Would love a copy of LR w. your awesome presets. Recently launched a small social media business here in Maryland, U.S. and photography is increasingly a big part of what I do…being visual content is key! Can’t afford anything other than iPhoto at the moment. Thx for reading:)

  • Hi Trey! long time admirer of your work. I am currently using the trial for Lightroom 4 and love it! It would really help my young photography business to have a full version (trial is almost over) Your presets are great too! Please pick me! here’s a example of my HDR work (that I learned from your website)

  • Hi Trey! long time admirer of your work. I am currently using the trial for Lightroom 4 and love it! It would really help my young photography business to have a full version (trial is almost over) Your presets are great too! Please pick me! here’s a example of my HDR work (that I learned from your website)

  • I would love to have the plug ins that you are giving away with LR. I find that your style is clean and efficient but is not easy to obtain by me. So any help I can get to become a better photographer would be appreciated.

  • I would love to have the plug ins that you are giving away with LR. I find that your style is clean and efficient but is not easy to obtain by me. So any help I can get to become a better photographer would be appreciated.

  • Tress Chapin

    I am shooting in the National Parks right now and need the ability’s of Lightroom to even out the extremes from shooting wildlife against the sun. I find it very difficult to get a buffalo to turn so he is illuminated properly.

  • Tress Chapin

    I am shooting in the National Parks right now and need the ability’s of Lightroom to even out the extremes from shooting wildlife against the sun. I find it very difficult to get a buffalo to turn so he is illuminated properly.

  • I have played around with the trial edition. Looks great and I need to start organizing my collection of photos in a more logical fashion. Lightroom seems to be the tool of choice, especially for organizing and adjusting RAW photos. If I were to win a copy my resolution would be to organize my entire collection and create a better back up system.

  • Lightroom and some presets would be a great addition to our growing photography business!!

  • sl33stak

    Yay Lightroom….WAY more interested in Trey’s presets though.

  • The biggest improvement I could get from having Lightroom, from seeing what people do with lightroom and what lightroom can do would be a massive improvement in workflow and input, compared to my current workflow using CS3 and Bridge. With a new computer on the way, Ligthroom would be the perfect accompaniment to get a new workflow up and singing…

  • Amanda DevilBabi Moore

    I have a morbid fascination with well saturated photographs of Cemeteries. It is just coming back into warmer weather here in Australia, so I would definitely use Lightroom to enhance and edit my up and coming Cemeteries series I am planning. What an amazing opportunity this would be, and what an amazing artist you continue to be. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration for me Trey!! Good luck to all for this competition, and for all of your photography endeavours!

  • I use lightroom to process my raw images. To tag and categorize. Also to create quick slideshows and comp sheets to show clients.

  • Totally for the organization – need to quit putting it off. I also definitely want to try the presets!! Have a few mundane photos that could benefit from some nice adjustments.

  • As an aussie relatively new to photography seeming as I only bought my camera in May, I’ve fallen in love with the art, and have decided landscape photography is where I belong. I’m trying every day to be a better photographer, and love making mistakes because every time I do, I learn something new.
    Lightroom will give me the opportunity to really dig deeper, and learn how to polish my photos so that every pixel shines. I’m grabbing all tips like a sponge and this is my next step. So yup, I’d love to win it!

  • JW.GER

    Lightroom would be a great addition to Photoshop for me, unfortunately I am a student and the amount of money I can spend is limited. I would be able to find all of my photos and it seems to be easier to quickly edit photos.

  • I currently am a photoshop freak. I am slowly going over to Lightroom to streamline all my processing. I love these presets you are showing.

  • Jason Hooper

    I always look forward to seeing your work on my FB timeline. Great stuff. Using Lightroom to process and organize would really help cut down on processing time. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Frank Cava

    I have been using a dslar since December, LR4 since it was released, and can’t see how I’d ever live without it. It makes adjusting color, contrast, exposure, bringing out detail in highlights and shadows all very easy – much easier than using PS. I only shoot in RAW, so LR4’s catalog feature is a must have for me. So to answer the question “how I would use LR” if I was to win, well I’m entering to win the copies to give away to a few friends of mine. So I’ve got my fingers crossed for them.

  • Rex Gentry

    This was my 5th HDR picture attempt. I was blown away at the way the colors popped. I was eating at a Niko Niko’s restaurant in Houston, Tx. We were eating outside and I heard a commotion behind me — several people with cameras pointed at the sky. I reached down and picked up my new Canon G12 (suggestion from your page). I set up my tripod and took 3 bracketed shots. I used ‘Lumanace HDR’ and MS photo editor to process this picture. When I grow up it would be nice to have some real pro gear and software. Lightroom would be a great start – and I would be very gland to mention you when I post my new fabulous photos to fb and Google+. Thanks for the opportunity! +Rex Gentry

  • Love Lightroom but I’m using an older copy. Would love to have the latest since I just got my new DSLR/lenses. Also, love the look of Trey’s presets!

  • Sergio Galvan

    I wish I learned Lightroom the right way. I’m so desesparate to give it another go. Trey’s will ๐Ÿ™‚ bless!

  • I’m mostly on Photoshop CS5/CS6 but your presets proves that HDR look does work in Lightroom with tweaking. Your presets are beautiful!

  • With the new version of Lightroom, it could help me explore new ways for me to process my concert photography, as well as my landscape photography. The presets would help me further explore the processing capabilities that would be at my fingertips. I’m really trying to break into the photography arena, despite it being quite ‘saturated’ (pardon the pun) with standout and new photographers.

  • I would use lightroom to edit all my travel photos. Would love to win.

  • RonaHe

    I would love Lightroom so I can move past iPhoto and get more organized. I’m slowly creating a monster by exporting, importing, and trying to keep track of all those different versions and where they are. I feel like I have folders all over the place, and it’s getting so out of hand that I sometimes don’t know where to look when trying to find a specific photo. I’m pretty organized within iPhoto, but that’s not where most of my edits end up! I do some editing in PS Elements, which is okay, but I would just love to be able to organize and do most of my editing all in one program, and I’ve heard so much good about Lightroom, that I think it would be the perfect solution.

  • Following your FB posts and stuckincustums really is an inspiration! Lightroom and the presets would certainly help carry that inspiration further into reallity.

  • I love taking pictures of water and sunsets, I would use it after my upcoming trip to San Francisco, I always capture the coolest shots there and lightroom would make them even cooler!

  • I already have Lightroom 4.1 and its pretty awesome. I would say it definitely saved almost every picture i took on vacation. The ability to draw out details and whatnot is great. Your presets in the video looked amazing, would love to be able to use those on some of my work.

  • Billy Mitchell

    I would use Lightroom to streamline my workflow. I have been using PS4 and using Camera Raw to adjust things like white balance and Bridge to organize my albums. In no way will I be turning out Stuck in Customs level work, but after seeing some of the amazing shots from Trey and all the good people here, I am excited to get my hands on Lightroom and Trey’s presets. Whether I am selected or not, both Lightroom and Trey’s presets will be mine hopefully in the not too distant future!

  • Tobias Roybal

    I have Lightroom and use it, however I would like a copy for a photographer friend of mine who does not have it, he is a starving artist! He always talks about getting it, but then the end of the month comes! He deserves a copy ๐Ÿ™‚ And for the presets! I would love them dearly!

  • I would just have fun with them! Clouds are one of my favourite subjects. Thanks for the cool videos!

  • Trey, I got interested in photography six years ago at the tender age of 57. I’m now 63 (not retired) and enjoy it more each day. I love to do landscapes, city-scapes, night-scapes and macros. Flowers in my “Backyard Paradise” are frequent subjects. I currently use PSE 9, and Photomatix after learning about it on your website a couple of years ago. I think LR4 would greatly help me in post processing…freeing me up for more camera time.

  • I’d love to use lightroom to organise my photos and be able to do batch processing on band photos. inclusing lense correction and great colour control.

  • I’m just a mom who is enjoying the D90 I bought a few years ago. Would love the lightroom/presets to make photos of my kids even better. LOVE your work, makes me dream!

  • Matthew Haynes

    Looking to take another step in editing and organization beyond iPhoto.

  • Jackie Smith

    I know nothing about Lightroom. Getting ready to take a class on CS6. A friend told me I’d like Lightroom better. I’m currently still using Elements 5! I shoot with Canon 5DII with 16-35 glass. I’m sole landscape, raw and HDR – Huge FAN! I think it’d be nice to step it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zion DiGennaro

    I’d use Lightroom as a way to get into, and experiment with more post processing. At this point, I’m not doing much post, just because I don’t have any good software for it.

  • As a medical student in Hawaii, I don’t have much time (not to mention the money) for photography and editing my pictures. Having Lightroom with your presets would allow me to continue one of my favorite hobbies and release some of the everyday stress accompanied with medicine. Being from Canada originally, I really want to seize every opportunity that I get while being there and having lightroom would cut down on all the extra processing time!
    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Hey Trey, I really love seeing your photo’s.

    I’m relatively new to photography but it’s definitely turning out to be more then just a hobby for me. I recently bought many lenses and a new camera Sony a55 with an external flash. I spent almost a year saving for it. I also got photoshop cs5 and i’ve really been enjoying myself with what i’ve got. I’ve been interested in purchasing a copy of Lightroom. It would definitely help me clear up some of those dark pictures I’ve taken in the past!

  • As I increase my skills with the camera, I’m realizing that opening the bank account to buy software is my next step. While I thought the number of camera choices made the picking just one difficult, picking programs and plug in/add ons/presets etc. make the choice insane. Unlike a camera, you really can’t go to the store and get a good feel for software….and if I, “win two copies of Lightroom and Trey’s Lightroom presets” I’ll share my second copy with someone else here on the board!

  • Dan Rudder

    looking forward to your webcast! Lightroom has taken over 95% of the work I did in PS.

  • I would use it instead of iPhoto which I think sucks! Your work is awesome different than what I shoot but I so enjoy seeing your photos! Greetings from Port Credit, Ontario Canada

  • Sandra Canning

    Having had my DSLR for less than 1.5 years, I would still
    consider myself a โ€œnewbieโ€ of sorts. I thoroughly
    enjoyed a recent post you shared on G+ where someone accused you of destroying
    photography through HDR. I said it then & Iโ€™ll say it now, you are not
    working hard enough Trey, and you are going to need help if you are really going
    to turn this thing on itโ€™s head!!!

    The real enemy is software, technology, apps, smartphones,
    etc. – anything that makes it fairly easy for an ordinary person, โ€œa newbieโ€, to
    create something extraordinary. HDR, Lightroom- all of this technology is making
    it far too easy for ANY Joe (or Josie) Shmoe to make good pictures. For this reason
    I want in!!! I would like to do everything in my power to destroy photography
    as we know it. Give me this Lightroom & any other subversive technologies
    that are democratizing this art form. Itโ€™s high time that the Hallowed Halls of
    photography were stormed by the unwashed masses. This is exactly what photography
    needs- a bunch of newbies, running around, making good pictures, appreciating
    the beauty of this wonderful planet, and sharing all of that with each other!!!
    So sign me up!!! Please ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hoping to be one of the winners of Treys pre sets and Lightroom. I would like my photos to POP like Treys photos do,

  • Dave Johnson, M.A., LMT

    I am just getting into photography actually because of you Trey. I have a Canon 7D and I am just learning how to use it. I would love to learn how to use light room because I’ve never used it before thank you

  • Craig Bowman

    I love taking architectural and HDR photos of all kinds. I would love to expand my processing through lightroom and try out your new presets!

  • Dennis Baltzis

    I would use lightoom for my landscape photography

  • I would love to use Lightroom and your presents to help my student Photography career by speeding up my raw image editing and creating great images. Thanks for the offer! Goodluck to everyone else!

  • I would use Lightroom to further my knowledge of digital photography. I’ve always aspired to attend a college course in photography. I believe this opportunity would give me the “push” I need to accomplish my dreams of being a renowned HDR photographer, starting with the basics of Lightroom.

  • Have just been using the free trial of Lightroom and it’s huge fun! Your Art of Photography was a great introduction to LR and what seemed a bit daunting to a VERY long-term beginner, and now I’d love to use LR for just about everything I phootgraph! I love the way it takes even fairly mundane looking shots and adds a depth and vibrance that your eyes and brain knew was there, but that your camera didn’t quite translate…

  • Mike Bryant

    I would use it to help me organize my photos of my daughter and my family , make a family tree slideshow and try to make my photos look a little better!! simple thx Trey Michael Bryant in Florida
    ohhh and use the upload (Publish) feature to save time!@!

  • Stephen Chew

    Been following you since 2007 when I first started photography (on Canon G7) and straight into HDR. Those days were still in Flickr ๐Ÿ™‚

    I play with the slider in Lightroom for exposure adjustment, lately I quite like Lightroom as they change it to Shadow/Highlight rather than Fill Light/Recover which is a bit misleading. Usually I click on the Auto mode, and start adjusting from there, mainly bringing up a bit of shadow and tune down the shadow. In this case my photo would have better dynamic range but it’s not literally HDR! Recently I also play with brushes, where I tune down the Clarity for the model in portraits, and sharpen up their eyes/hair/lips.

    Last but not least, the Map feature in Lightroom 4 is my all time favourite. Now I can pull out my iPad and search photos by location rather than album.

    Anyway, you’ve been a great inspiration to me and looking at your masterpiece, I knew that landscape photography has bright future too. Most important word is, PASSION.

    Came out with this photo after watching your HDR tutorial video, which I’m quite happy with the effect at the moment.


  • I don’t have Lightroom and have been wanting to try it, so I’d love to have a copy and would love even more to get a copy of your presets!! I would go through my old favorite photos and see if I can’t do a better job of editing them!!

  • Im a 14 year old amateur photographer and would love to use Lightroom to help make me a better photographer to hope fully become as good as you someday!

  • Pete McKinney

    As the family photographer, I have over 39,000 digital photos (all filed in Picasa) and would love to learn Lightroom and apply the program to many of my photos. I got the Photomatrix program you mentioned some time ago and have enjoyed using that program. Now, it is time to branch out and learn more. Thanks for offering Lightroom to two lucky people.

  • Will Stringer


    thank you.

  • How I would use Lightroom.
    First I would fix up the photos I have or our music venue (I’m a Marketing Director at a venue and can’t seem to hire a decent photographer). Then I would publish them in all of our marketing materials and tickets sales would skyrocket (of course) which would free up some time for me to shoot some weddings, which will put cash in my pocket and allow me to by some sweet camera equipment, then I can hire myself and finally take quality pictures of our venue. And the best part… more Photoshop. Thanks for the opportunity to jump start this chain of events;

  • I would use Lightroom to unmask the beauty already lying in my images, which hopefully will take me around the world as yours have for you.

  • I would use lightroom and your presets to create beautiful works of art and open my own facebook page so people could subscribe to it and make me rich …..i will duly credit you on my page and share 25% of the profits with you ….

    Let me know how you want me to send you my address ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Corey Gibson

    I find iPhoto to be annoying as well as quirky, and Photoshop CS5 doesn’t batch-process NEF files so I I would use it for batch-editing as well as some creative tweaks.

  • Hi, I recently just bought my first dslr and am taking a few classes to learn more about how to use it. I currently dont have any photo editing software. My instructor showed me what Lightroom can do and it looks like a very useful tool to have to take my photographs to a new level.

  • What a great find! I’ve just recently started a small photography business and I’ve been using and loving the trial version of Lightroom…if I were to win a full version there’s no telling how far it could take my new venture! Please, please, please, I hope it’s me!

  • I’d use light room to expand the manipulation I already do with Adobe Photoshop and Photomatix.

  • Hi Trey…I’m a big fan of your work! I first started experimenting with HDR after seeing your awesome pics. Im feel like I still have so much to learn, and I wish I had lightroom to help me with post-processing

  • Brad Perry

    I would use Lightroom for quick editing of photos, as well as, time lapse photography!
    Good luck to all!

  • Lightroom would make my workflow so much easier. I make a lot of landscape photos from around New England, but especially Maine. I really want the ethereal quality you produce. Thanks.

  • Keith Oliver

    I need a kick to get myself shooting again, and a fresh copy of Lr would do it! So much time editing has made me not shoot pictures since…. The Austin PhotoWalk!

  • Brandon Tan

    I’d use lightroom for tweaking HDR’s after their run through photomatix!

  • Anna Ryndak

    First of all I would like to thank you +Trey Ratcliff only because of you my passion for photography was born again. One cold January night by “accident”I saw you name on FB and I started looking at your pictures my jaw were dropping more & more when I was viewing your brilliant artistic work .Since than every Monday night I watch your Show with great people. I joined Google+ end of May and did my first Chicago Photowalk on 1year G+ .I only use iPhoto adjustment I saw what a difference a Lightroom can make. It would help me to edit my 50K pix I would like to process. Anyway thank you SO much for inspiration !!!!

  • scott haralson

    I would use Lightroom (with your presets) to create affordable artwork to decorate my new family home. I have tons of travel pictures from the 25 (or so) countries that I visited and even more pictures of married life of my wife, 3 year-old daughter, and beagle. With another kid on the way we’re relocating to be closer to the grand-parents. I’d love to have the ability to transform my “average” pictures into stunning images with a few simple clicks that I can then hang on the walls to show off to my family and friends. My wife already bought tons of frames (which have sat empty in the office for 18 months) on sale from the local art supply store on the promise that I’d fill them with our pictures; now is my big chance!

    Win or not, thanks for your wonderful photos each day and taking us along for the ride around this beautiful planet with you.

  • Samantha Waidler

    My free trial of Lightroom just ended. I am a recent graduate with a degree in photojournalism and was using Lightroom to streamline some of the work I have been able to find, freelance work and weddings mostly. However, the most fun I had with Lightroom was in editing a series I have been working on about the American Southwest, specifically Rodeo culture, I would love to go back over some of the previous work I have done in past years and edit it again to match some of the results I’ve gotten with the Lightroom trial. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  • animesh adhya

    I am new to using my Nikon D7000 and am a big fan of low light photographs. I would like to try Lightroom to see if it can bring out the details in my photos at high ISOs without too much noise.

  • I’d like to get with Lightroom to get my workflow better and more efficent
    your presets look great and will definitely do *magic* to my landscape photography!

  • Lightroom is on the list of tools to speed the edits I need to make to help see the shots I should keep and those I should dump. Right now aperture and canons app are the tools I use but neither fits the bill well. Since hearing Trey on TWIT I have concentrated on improving my skills and looking at the software and camera/lenses as tools that get used instead of gadgets to baby. My hope is that Lightroom cuts the time in “workflow” to go from a 100 shots to 5.

  • I would use Lightroom to improve my workflow with mass toning/editing of images. I would particularly take advantage of the non-destructive aspects of the program and the ability to enhance raw images with all the controls.

  • Joe Myeress

    I have older Lightroom. I really need LR4 to help my work flow. PLEASE help me out. Also I’d love your presets. You rock>

  • Richard Bell

    would love to upgrade my lightroom to the current verison and use Trey’s pre-set bundle I purchased over the weekend to aadvance my HDR expermentation.

  • Steve Curcuru

    I started shooting digital in the mid 90s, with the original Nikon Coolpix – and it would be great to FINALLY get them all organized, rated, and sorted, so I could polish up the best and possibly get a public show . . .

  • Karen Wiehoff

    Amateur Turns Pro! New career on the horizon for me! So images to enhance with Lightroom!

  • James Clifford

    Thank you for sharing. I currently have 10 days left on my trial of LR4. I really appreciated the discussion on the advantages of DNG files. I look forward to more Variety Hour shows. Keep up the good work.

  • I’d use it to learn Lightroom to its fullest, seeing how I currently don’t even have Lightroom nor have I ever used Lightroom, but I’ve heard of its wonders. I’m fairly new to photography, so I’d be using Lightroom a lot, trying to learn how to master it like Trey and many other pros out there.

  • I don’t have Lightroom and I look at your photos and think “if I had Lightroom maybe I could make my photos look a bit like Trey’s”. That would be an amazing goal!

  • Would love a more efficient way to process. Just too pricy for me.

  • I’m a freelance photographer. I was on my way home from shooting floods, yes floods, the other day when due to non-stop monsoon rains, (been raining for four consecutive days here in the Philippines, and this has caused massive damage to my region), my laptop got wet and damaged (where My Lightroom 4 trial is, and most of the photos). I’m not sure if I can still resurrect the laptop though It’d be awesome to use and have a permanent LR4 on my desktop at home. *keeping my fingers crossed*

  • I am getting into digital photography more and more each day … Improving from snapshots to photographs. I love to experiment with light painting and wish to expand into HDR.

  • I have spent my life savings learning photography all with the dream of becoming a profesional photographer and making a living with my passion. I am out of savings and having lightroom would get me one step closer to building a portfolio and managing my workflow. I could possibly get some work in these tough times.

  • I would love to use it to create a look that is my own. I want a look that I can keep unified. Lightroom can help me do that. With your presets I have a great starting point.

  • mel rolleri

    i have lightroom 4, and am planning to get the presets. just took your beginner class (didn’t watch it live-too late for me on the east coast), took your 11 hour HDR class (which i LOVED), have all your ebooks, which i still need to read, and almost bought a NEX-7 because of you (but i think i’m going for the olympus OMD instead- unless i won the camera from your beginners class, and just don’t know it yet). i just think you’re the shit!! LOVE your photos. just wanted to say thanks for your sharing your gift!!

  • Susan Ashby

    I have been practicing and learning about HDR all summer. It’s like opening a Christmas present every time I get back from shooting pictures and process them, the anticipation of the photo opening up before me and the fun of playing with it afterwards. Photography is so relaxing to me and so different from my day job as a hospital pharmacist. It’s the best hobby in the world and I think I’m going to have to try out lightroom to see improves my photos even more! It’s so much fun! Thanks!

  • I’d use Lightroom in the dark, at the park, on my lap or in the sack. But seriously, now that I have my shiny new semi-pro DSLR, I’m shooting totally in raw now. Although my Canon came with DPP, it leaves me wanting more organization, options and upgradability. I’ve wanted Lightroom since I first heard of it, but now I really need it as I take my photography to new levels. And then there are those awesome presets you’re offering Trey!

  • Well, I would use Lightroom to train my 12 year old son on managing and enhancing his photos and of course I would use your presets ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Paul Meyer

    I will use Lightroom to manage, catalog and print construction site documentation photos.

  • I love Lightroom 3 but haven’t had a chance to upgrade. I would use LR4 and Treys presets to further enhance my photographs and work on figuring out my own signature style.

  • Herr_Synnberg

    I use Lightroom for processing my NEFs because it helps me extract as much detail from the files as possible. The amount of detail it can pull up from deep shadows and bright highlights is just amazing! The noise reduction algorithm has come a long way too. Finally, I use the tone controls to give definition and pop for my images.

    Here’s a single exposure from my old D70s with no grad NDs or anything. Lightroom made this picture come alive.

    I just got a D800 and haven’t been able to edit the NEFs because I haven’t upgraded to Lightroom 4 yet. For now, I have to resort to converting the NEFs to DNG. If I win a copy of Lightroom 4, that’d be pretty sweet!

  • I just started listening to TWIP and heard your interview. I decided to check out your website and found this competition. Ironically, I just received Lightroom 4.0 from Amazon yesterday. I have no idea how to use Lightroom as I had been using Picasa to catalog and edit my pictures. However, everything I read and listen to indicates that I NEED lightroom in order to edit my images in the best possible manner. So I”m on a huge learning curve. I have no idea what presets are, but I assume that they are some type of macro that adjusts the images in unique ways. I hope that I can win your presets so I can use them to learn image editing in Lightroom 4 and to make my images POP.

  • I would use Lightroom to organize my photos as well as to enhance them so they could maybe have a chance to look as good as yours? (ok, now I went wayyyyy to far!!! They would get not even close but I would do my best to!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am a college student now but i have been an amateur photographer ever since high school when i took my first photography class, followed by advanced photography. It’s been a hobby i have gotten quite good at. I have looked into Adobe Lightroom on the mac app store but it is way to much for me to afford right now!
    I shoot photos whenever i have free time and it’s what i’d love to do as a profession! Lightroom would help me tremendously in the editing process and it will help me take my work to the next level. I REALLY need a great editing program… Thank you Trey! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am learning photographer . I love to travel and meet people and ofcourse take lot of pictures. I will use lightroom to enhance my pictures like saturation,colors , setting the WB. Sometimes it is hard to get the things right when clicking it because you don’t want to miss the moment. Those things I want to correct in lightroom.

  • Linda Tambunga

    I’ve been using Apple’s Aperture from the very beginning. After watching this, I’d like to switch to Lightroom both for the functionality and possibly changing my file formats from RAW to DNG. Tom presents a very compelling case! Thanks Trey, I am loving the Variety Hours!

  • I’d love to use the presets on a bunch of bracketed pics I have that I am not satisfied with

  • Dave Morgan

    I travel extensively and am always inspired by Trey’s incredible abilty to capture a great composition and then turn it into a work of art. I like many would love to emulate your gift of capture and decipline of being at the right place and at the right time. Getting up early sometimes before the break of dawn to whatever weather conditons exist to wander off to a location never knowing what the light will end up doing is something I relate to well. It’s lone wolf game but very rewarding when it works. I’ve got oodles of photographs this summer from Alaska, Hawaii, California, Pennslvania, Washington and Oregon just waiting for a touch of your magic. I just got Lightroom 4 and would love to experiment with your presets and hope someday you’ll visit my site and say, alas, you’re on your found your niche! Thanks Trey. Keep up the good work. P.S. Love the New Zealand shots. Bring it on! Keep living the dream.

  • Lightroom HDR without bracketing, awesome! I need it.

  • I’d use Lightroom to organize and finish editing the thousands of photos I took while traveling the world working for Royal Caribbean that are still waiting for work to be done on them. Saw so many amazing places and took so many photos that it is overwhelming to organize and edit them all.

  • Foster McLaughlin

    Wow Trey I am blown away! Thank you so much for teaching us and showing us what lightroom is capable of doing.

  • I would use lightroom to enhance the thousands of photos that I take. Photography is a passion, and, as your images attest, Lightroom gives them more of what the eye saw when the image was shot. I would use the presets to push that image over from reality into art. I live to take pictures…. but I am learning to go beyond that…. hopefully even more so…. thank you for the inspiration.

  • Hello Trey,
    I have given this a lot of thought and here is what I would use Lightroom for.

    First I need some light in my garage because my wife’s breaks need fixing and my I need my transmission fixed. So far my Nik software is not giving me enough light. I think Lightroom should help tons.

    Second Next I am going to put my barbells in Lightroom. They need to be moved up to the attic and anything in a Lightroom has to be easy to move. I mean come on it’s so obvious.

    Third I would sit in the Lightroom for a hour a day. My thoughts have been off a bit lately, and a little bird told me this would help with my thinking.

    Fourth I would start editing pictures of my chihuahua Odie. I have several hundred thousand pictures of him and he looks so cute.
    I could put flames behind him, or make it look like he in Paris, New York or even MIlwaukee.

    I hope you have enjoyed what I would do with Lightroom .
    Kyle Hansen

  • Robert Farthing

    Hey Trey – I have used Aperture for years now. Ever since meeting you and hanging out for a week on the playa, – i have experimented with – and grown to appreciate HDR. I struggle with some of the lessons of HDR because i am not using the same software bundles you are. I would like to migrate to Adobe light room to really sink my teeth into advancing my processing skills. Keep on Keepin’ on Trey. Im enjoying the Variety hours and discussions. Throwing my hat in the ring for the free Lightroom Software! Carry on!

  • Corbin Smith

    I’m loving photos and just learning. I would love to have the software to learn to edit so the photos can match what I saw in my head!

  • eric smith

    Amazing work! Just learning but very inspireing.

  • Im a young amateur photographer from texas and have looked at light room plenty of times but my family doesn’t have the very much money and would love to use light room to better my photography and be hopefully as talented as you one day!

  • As always, great work Trey!

  • Thomas Vellenga

    Thanks Trey!
    I would use Lightroom to finally bring order to my digital photo collection. I want to also learn how to process my photos better.

  • joniko

    I’m trying to give my pictures that special edge, but Photoshop Elements has its limitations there.. I wish I had Lightroom tolearn to make my pictures stand out from the crowd, from landscapes to close up shots of pretty and unusual flowers to portraits. Having read you blog and watched your videos for a long time now, I think it’s about time I stepped it up a notch ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zachary Cox


    My Nikon camera gear sat in my closet for three years having hit my wall of interest, lack of motivation and adjusting from being a full time student to a full time employee (Statistician – fellow math nerd). I Stumbled upon your youtube videos, both tutorials and behind the scenes and my desire to get behind the camera was back. Not a shine job, but you renewed my interest in photography. I use Photoshop and Photomatix, but I love the tools that are Lightroom only. I am a member of the Nashville Photography club and would love to expand the tools I use to share ideas with the club.
    Here is some of my work –


  • jerry joanis

    I already have lightroom, I would just love to have the presets.

  • Trey – your photos are still my favorite photos. I wish I cold use Lightroom to sculpt light the way you do! Your photos make me feel like I’m right there where you were when you took them.

  • Lightroom has the best cataloguing abilities of any image managers out there. I also love the idea of having image adjustments, cataloguing and lens corrections built into the same software. I’m a traveler just like you TRey an have thousands of photographs from al my travels that need better cataloguing and keywording. I couldn’t imagine doing all of that in anything but Lightroom ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John Burrows

    I am teaching photography at a low income school next year and Lightroom would be a great tool to teach the kids. It is very hard to get administration to approve the purchase of new programs without examples of what can be done with those programs. If I could get my hands on a copy I could not only learn it for my own work but would also be able to pass it on to the students I will be teaching.

  • Ronald Brown

    I’m an Aperture user both after being part of your most recent webinar I’m thinking about giving Lightroom another try. When I first compared them Aperture seemed to run much faster on a Mac. I wonder if that still holds true. And thanks to Trey for not only inspiring me to be a better photographer but to love the journey of creating an image and not just the end result.

  • Just found your site… very cool. I’ve been using LR3 almost exclusively and enjoying it.

  • Rich

    I’d simply use it for the love of capturing in a still image the beauty of what I see around me. It’s easy to remember your feelings after witnessing a beautiful sight, it’s harder to remember the image itself. A well-composed photo allows you to remember both and lightroom helps capture the colors and feelings as well as any program I’ve seen.

  • Jeff Mackey

    Looking to make the move to LR after using Aperture for a few years. This would be a great way to make the transition ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tim Burgess

    For 2 weeks in July I posted a recently shot and high quality image every day on Google+ My photographic goal for August is one post of the same quality every single day. I am trialling Lightroom and have decided that it will undoubtedly help me with this goal

  • Jenny Morris

    I am a painter, a metalsmith, and just learning my way around a “real” camera. Initially, I would not use Lightroom for me. Three years ago, my dad, 77 at the time, took my nephew John on a trip to Montana. The images are amazing. My dad passed away the following year. As a Christmas present that year, I painted a picture for John from one of the pictures. I would love to take all of the pictures and run them through Lightroom and give as gift to John. After that, with a lot of help from the class I just took, I hope to use an artist’s eye to produce some passable photos (and hopefully, as I gain experience , they will get better).

  • Tom__G

    I’d love to win a copy of Lightroom4 so I can streamline my raw workflow plus cataloging my images. I think its time to say goodbye to Aperture.

  • I need help with my workflow process ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gus Szlosek

    When I was a kid living in New England, I looked forward so much to the green plants coming back to life. As I explored the woods and swamps (pretty carefully) near where we lived, it seemed like the entire world seemed saturated with living green. I’ve never been quite able to capture that in a photograph, though. Seems like Lightroom could help!

  • Hi Trey,

    I’d love to be able to use Lightroom to work with … LIGHT. I’ve been working on a series for a few years now on naturally occurring mystery light / ghost light phenomena around the world: Marfa lights in Texas, for one, and I’ll be traveling to India, Nepal and Thailand this fall to try and track down the Naga fireballs over the Mekong, and the Aleya in Bengal and Chir Batti in Gujarat. If I can swing it, I’d like to stop in Australia on the way home and see what there is to the Min Min lights of the channel country. I wonder if you’ve heard anything of this phenomena since you’re relocated south of the equator – or if there are any similar happenings in New Zealand?

    In any case, thanks much for all you do.


  • JM

    I’d create better picture organization and enhance my images through Lightroom’s many adjustment features.

  • Brenda Hallie

    LR would be the perfect tool to help me organize the thousands of back-logged travel photos I’ve taken as well as having the ability to quickly upload them to fb, smugmug, and many others with plugins.

  • Bob McClenahan

    I use Lr for importing, processing and exporting all my photos

  • I would love to own a copy of LR4. I don’t own Photoshop as it is too expensive for my bugdet. I think LR4 would be perfect for me to import, organize and process my photos.

  • Erk โ˜ผ

    I’ve just recently started photography and here’s my take on it: good eye, bad eye, colorblind, golden-ratio addict, hdr junkie, hardcore classic photographer… it’s all about how YOU, yourself, see the world, what you wish to share with others. Your perception, your memories (or theirs), your fantasies. Photography is about finding your way, your inner light, that imaginary room inside your mind where the walls are paved with all kinds of pictures, some good, some not-so-good, but every single one exactly the way you took it. I would use the software to create my future personal inner room to share with others, to have them smile at a rainy day, to have them dream about an isolated haven; to have them see a frozen rushing crowd exactly the way I see it… or imagine it! I would use the software to bring structure, life and warmth to this room of growth and discovery: my very own Lightroom, for everyone to share. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Presets look incredly useful, by the way: would love to try them out!

  • Rohit Mordani

    I love Lightroom and would use it for end to end processing – from downloading the photos to editing them and publishing them ! I love Photoshop and LR and can do sooo much with them !

  • Nicole

    Ahhh the Lightroom dream!!! The only missing piece in my kit here in outback Australia where EVERYTHING is an amazing photographic opportunity. I was a pro photographer in the days of film and having your own darkroom….it’s a new world now and I love being back in a hugely more creative artistic environment. I remember seeing my first HDR photo – by you Trey….I was stunned, shocked, amazing…I HAD to be able to create that same effect…..I love it!

  • I’d like a copy please!

  • Ville Vuorinen

    Currently I have Lightroom 3 which is quite good but it lacks couple of neat features which are implemented in version 4. And your presets looks awesome, I must have them!

  • Carl Menezes

    I would love to win a copy of Lightroom and the presets. I got into HDR after the Auckland photo walk you did and have loved it ever since. I enjoy playing with presets on the phone, but am slowly beginning to realize just how powerful presets actually are. I have a canon that does AEB in 3 stops, not five. To get around it, I shoot in RAW and then synthesize the other two exposures. This is all quite a tedious process at the moment. I would love to be able to do this in Lightroom, process to HDR via a plugin, apply presets if necessary and then publish directly to smugmug and picasa.

    In short, I’d like to take the step up to being a serious HDR photographer and I do believe Lightroom and all it has to offer will help me heaps.

  • Andy Bitterer

    I just need a little more light in my room. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, I’d use LR for its virtual copy function to create a series of different edits from an original, using Trey’s presets, but that goes without saying.

  • Jeremy Mardon

    I’ve had a chance to play with Lightroom a bit (v3) and found that what it could do to my photos was really the next step I needed to take. Having never really being big on photos (I don’t think I own any for a period of 10 years of my life almost), this new found love of seeing the world in a different light is addicting. Further developing those photos with the help of a product like Lightroom 4 will definitely enhance that love to bring out that certain magic in the beauty of what is captured. The presets would also be a great help too for when time is not all that available.

  • I would use it to improve my photographic workflow. It would speed up my production time, and help visualize alternatives to my concepts. Hell… I just finished reviewing a photoshoot I did last year!…. :/ I do need help…

  • Tony Hoffstrรถm

    Organize and develop ofcourse

  • Luca Brajato

    Thanks Trey for this chance! I’d use it to improve my final results in post production! It’s a great product and I hope to become a user very soon!

  • Sean McCracken

    I would love a copy of lightroom. After using the trial for a short time, I realized I still have a lot to learn about photo editing. And as far as I can tell, lightroom is one of the most powerful tools out there. Plus, I like the file system.

  • Joshua Irber

    More tips, more discoveries! The simplicity of use in Lightroom makes post processing that much more approachable. I really appreciated the .dng file tip. Disk space is always a concern and taking up half the space with all the same info in the file is a no brainer. Thanks!

  • Tanja Bromley

    I would use it to do magic with my photos from the US trip, I’ve just returned from ๐Ÿ™‚ And for the photos from Berlin in May, that are just waiting for me to find time and opportunity …

  • Your presets seem to be fantastic. I use photomatix and photoshop for my photo processing, I would love to see how Lightroom with your presets is doing ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulation for your work.

  • I’ve just started fotographing and using the evaluation version at the moment. I would use Lightroom to manage all my picture and -most of all- try to get my picture to look a little like yours ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Geoffrey Smith

    I’d love to get a copy of light room to move forward from the limited ability of picassa and the confusion of gimp

  • Petri Damstรฉn

    For photo organizing.

  • Penny White

    I love this stuff….it’s like all the hard work from the darkroom coming back at the touch of a button…Marshall oil painting with dodging & burning & saran wrap & days in the darkroom…and you’ve made an amazing program that gives instant gratification for all the pictorialist out there….You’re awesome…please send me lightroom & presents as a winning prize…and I’ll make you proud!

  • Want!

  • Robin Baumgarten

    I’d love to have Lightroom for my hobbyist dabblings into proper photo management and postprocessing, now that I have a nice mirrorless camera!

  • I’d use Lightroom with the best presets out there, Trey’s of course. How else would you use Lightroom.

  • Ajith Kalakunja

    Love your pictures, just inspires me to go out and click! I will
    definitely use Lightroom for editing a bunch of pictures together,
    applying presets for a batch or batches makes it so quick and easy.
    Saves a bunch of time and effort and keeps the edits consistent across
    the batch.

  • Photography is one of my big passions in life. I do believe that great equipment but moreover a good “eye” make all the difference, but lately you have inspired me to try HDR (in addition to “normal”) and I love it! I will use Lightroom to further show my passion for photography by bringing across the soul of the photo/the feel of the moment even more. Can’t wait to use your presets as an inspiration to further develop my own sets and art!

  • I’d love to process photos from my D800 with Lightroom 4 rather than Photoshop CS5. I’ve heard plenty of nice things about that program, but never got around to getting it yet.

  • Mark Westwood

    Trey, You inspired me to get a camera and get out there. Love the art you create, and you continue to inspire me to learn. Went down the mirrorless system route and would love to be able to post-process…. Thanks for all your hard work teaching and sharing your craft

  • I’d love to process photos with LR instead of elements 10 would be so much easier – photography is a passion for me and I’d love to use LR4

  • Grafx
  • I’ll be straight up, I’d use it to make money!
    Hmmm, that doesn’t read like it sounded in my head. What I mean is, I’d use it to EARN more money!

  • Stephanie Morrow

    I’d love to be able to work a bit more outside my comfort zone, I do mostly landscape photography at the moment, but have a keen interest in moving towards portraits. That’s what I’d use your prizes to help acomplish.

  • Ignacio Garcia Losa

    I would make LR work for me really hard. Mostly being able to raise the shadows and lower the High Lights, which it can do wonderfully. I would also use it in my Landscapes, to treat the sky and clouds independently from the earth to achieve stunning effects. And also to reduce the time I take in selecting and discarding photos.

  • Antรณnio Santos

    I would use LR until it freezes my PC. And use your presets to spice up my photos, and the first thing I’ll try will be the “do not click this” preset.
    One more thing: I would Invite you to visit my country so that you can give us your view of Portugal, and give you a tour that no tourist has made ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Justin Hunt

    I would use lightroom to take my photography and post processing skills to the next level. Being able to control aspects of my photographs in post production with greater control would allow my creativity to explode. I believe it would also aid me in making better choices in camera to allow for more opportunities in post production.

  • Lightroom would be used primarily for version management of my photography so that when I do HDR photography I wouldn’t risk having 3 masters of the same picture floating on my hard drive. Secondarily, I would love to be able to use it with Photomatix when creating new looks.

  • eleisa barbour

    would love a new toy, and hey thanks for the feature โ™ฅ

  • Well first I would stop using Photoshop Elements 7…that’s right, there actually was a version 7. I think that was the version that my grandparents (Nanny and Pappy) once used…it came out around the same time as the telegraph and the cotton gin (still not sure what this is). Then I would pray that my laptop wouldn’t freeze up so that I could actually use Lightroom. Finally, I would use this software to edit myself onto a photo of the 100 meter finals at the olympics beating Usain Bolt…or maybe I should beat whoever won the women’s 100 meter race. That’s probably more realistic. I would probably also edit myself onto a photo of David Beckam driving the boat with the olympic torch in the opening ceremonies as well (D, that’s what I call him, and I go way back). Or maybe I’ll actually spend some time editing the 5 billion bracketed photos that I keep saying that I’m going to edit once I have some better software…

  • I’m currently an Aperture user, but I’ve been really following along with Trey’s tutorials lately (participated in the live Art of Photography tutorials, and bought the HDR one right after that), and especially after he announced his presets pack, I thought it might be time to switch to Lightroom. I think it would be greatly helpful to be on Lightroom so I can take advantage of many of the tricks I’m learning about.

  • Matthew Christie

    I’d love to try Lightroom and your presets Trey – way more online resources than there are for Aperture.

  • Graham Leggate

    I’m currently an Apple Aperture user and have downloaded and looked at a trial version of LR4, and am really interested in making the move, I have listened to many podcasts touting how much better LR is over Aperture. I would love to make the move, however I find it hard to swallow the cost difference of Adobe software in Australia compared with the EU and US. I would love the opportunity to win LR4 and getting a leg boost with a fantastic set of pre-sets from one of the best. Thanks.

  • Lightroom would be awesome! I’m sure it would be better than GIMP – what i use now.

  • Those Lightroom presets look amazing. It is incredible how much power Lightroom 4 has!

  • kruger4gamecocks

    I would use it for the good of mankind.

  • I would use Lightroom to help me in pursuit of my dream of becoming a professional landscape photographer.

  • I’ve actually been using the Lightroom 4 trial for the past two weeks and have been falling in love. This would definitely help me keep my photos organized and cut the time down for editing. And heck, some stuckincustoms presets never hurt ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pierre Chaton

    Nice and impressive collection of presets!

  • I would love to have a copy of Lightroom. I’m currently going through the HDR Tutorial and I’m amazed on how Lightroom makes the workflow a lot easier.

  • I’ve been using Lightroom for a while now but just haven’t gotten into
    the routine of using Presets. With your presets though, I know they’d
    be good and worth using.

  • What wouldn’t I use it for? If Lightroom helped me achieve 10% of the quality I see on here and on the variety hour then I’d be a very happy chap indeed!

  • This would be a good reason for me to actually start using lightroom in my workflow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would use Lightroom to organize the chaotic mess I have with all my photos. I would also love to use the settings to bring out the nighttime photography that I am so greatly learning how to do.

  • Pey-Jing Mehrinfar

    Wow, I’d use Lightroom for everything!!! I would also put those presets to good use as well on cityscapes and landscapes that I so love to shoot. Thanks for sharing yours and others’ expertise in the Lightroom photo lab!

  • I’d use Lightroom to simplify the photo editing process with one click presets that would bring out the best of my National Parks images. I’d then want to use the Photo Book Creation tool to create books for sale at a couple of the local stores. The younger generation seems to be losing touch with the beauty and importance of the parks and maybe my books could influence a few of the young people to better appreciate the parks and want to protect them in the future. I’d be following in the footsteps of Ansel Adams (in a very, very small way) who created a little book that influenced Congress to create the National Parks.

  • Skyler Rich

    I absolutely love photography and have just recently found your pictures and videos. A few days ago I spent the money i had saved up on Photomatix Pro for PC. After experimenting with AEB settings on my Canon Rebel T1i (500D) I found that High Dynamic Range pictures look amazing when contrasted to the originals. Well i got off topic there! sorry! but i would use lightroom for more SINGLE photos and not multiple exposures combined. Thank you! And good luck to the other contestants. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!

  • Shawn O’Donnell

    I use lightroom to try to orginize all my picture I have taken over the years.

  • I’d use LR to adjust my photos to MY liking and not my limitations. I’ve been using free open source software off and on but find myself asking for more. From what I’ve seen and used on other people’s computer, LR would be just the ticket I’m looking for.

  • James Robertson

    As a beginner photographer it would be amazing to win a free copy of Lightroom! The ability to use the filters & masks to make my photography have a professional look would really give me the confidence boost to keep learning & trying to become a better photographer. Just getting started can be expensive just so many tools, software, and hardware. A free copy of Lightroom would be a huge help!

  • Chris Brugman

    I just started a small business in photography and I would use Lightroom to process my images. Currently I have a pretty good working knowledge of Photoshop but I have not worked with Lightroom very much. It would be a great learning experience for me and I also look forward to using software that is designed with photographers in mind. I look forward to adding Lightroom to my software repertoire.

  • Keith G

    Lightroom seems to be alot more versitile that i first thought

  • JR Wappel

    Ok, here it goes… my first comment on Stuck In Customs or any other non-automotive related site ever! I am certainly an amateur when it comes to photography (both in shooting and processing). My love for automobiles is what originally drove me to start shooting and sharing. I think that having a set of presets done by someone with your level of experience would be a great start as I learn the art of post processing. Thanks for all of your hard work here and around the web!

  • Bruce Spero

    Hey. Am using Aperture currently, but boy are people gushing about Lightroom. Would love to give it a go, and see if it can work better for me.

  • Such a good piece of software especially for handling lots of photos, but these presets look awesome

  • Hi Trey. I’d like to thank you for inspiring me to make a return to photography after a 20 hiatus. I saw one of your HDR shots on the net and had to learn more. Within a month I had purchased a Nex-7 (partly due to your review) so that I could use all my old (legacy) lenses. I’m on a crazy tight budget. I’ve been experimenting with Photomatix, but I’d really like to get into NIK HDR Efex. Unfortunately I need light room first and I just plain don’t have the dough. Maybe you can help me out with the light room and get me on the way to more realistic HDR images. Win or lose, THANK YOU for bringing me back to photography. It’s really been a life changer.

  • I am a professional retoucher and I love light-room

  • Matt Acton

    I would use lightroom to process my photos from my adventures around the UK and learning how to take beautiful photos

  • First and foremost, my collection has grown beyond Picasa’s ability to organize it. (I had to rebuild the database yesterday.) … then I would see what editing it can do :).

  • I’d use Lr to switch from Aperture and be able to buy your Art of Photo videos and watch them without translating Lr speak to Aperture speak.

  • Al Dee Sollinger

    I would use Lightroom to transform my meager images into the works of art they wish to be. Also I am very unorganized right now. Maybe Lightroom will help.

  • roger colwell

    I’ve been sidelined here with some health issues, so travel is out for a bit. Since time is in abundance, I’d go through all my previous travel shots and use Lightroom to uncover some masterworks I know must be hiding in there ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Being an avid film photographer I only switched to Digital about 3 years ago, I was so stuck on what “real” photography was. But now I’m so glad I did. I love the creative freedom it has given me. I can play and delete and play some more. I’ve never used any sort of HDR, but have admired your work from afar. Would love to see what creative genius I might become with such amazing software. I’ve always loved the creativeness of photography and not so much all the technical, like darkroom stuff. But I sure love the computer for editing and enhancing my work. Thanks Trey for this opportunity and your willingness to share with the world your work, your knowledge and self. Blessings, Daphne

  • Albert Huang

    I’d love to use LR to better enhance my baby boy’s picture … incoming in less than 3 months!

  • Tim Erskine

    I use Photomatix but I really want to use the edit in operation to create the 32-bit Tiff you mentioned and then finish it off in Lightroom for Natural Results! AWESOME!!!

  • John Martinez

    I would love a copy of LR. I have been suffering through the use of PS elements 9 for way to long. I am planning my own series of sorts as well. I hope to photographer all the skyrises of Houston.

  • To have a copy of your LR presets would be amazing. I am new to photography (about a yr.) and all this photo editing. To me it helps me to show people what I see. Not just a blah, no color picture. I also take photos of dogs. I volunteer with a rescue group and would love to be able to use this program to help our cocker kids get adopted. I am so happy that my friend told me about you. You’re an amazing photographer…

  • I would love to retouch photos from our honeymoon and make them look as magical as the experience.

  • John Lyon

    I’d revisit some of my older photos, especially Disney trips and special family photos.

  • Chris Goodrich

    I recently got involved in photography (around 5 years ago)
    after my grandfathers passing. He always
    took photos at every family event and outing.
    At the time it seemed like a waste of time, but after his passing I
    realized how important those photos were.
    I have now taken a big interest in photography because of those
    photos. Currently I have all my photos
    (10,000+) in folders with no way to catalog or edit them, and a copy of
    lightroom would be an enormous help.

    Trey, your HDR tutorials and blog are always a huge inspiration to my
    relatively new hobby. The presets you
    showed the other day are amazing. Thanks
    for always keeping everyone up to speed!

  • Peter Jukoski

    Great session last night Tom Hogarty is one smart man. I would really love to try the HDR like conversion he did and I’m real interested learning more about DNG conversion.

  • James Quillian Mello

    I have a friend’s wedding coming up and a lot of untouched photos from the past two years that I’d love to edit and get visible online. All of my photography seems to be centered around my trips – backpacking, traveling, family, events, etc. I’d love to up the impact more than I’ve been able to in the past.

  • I’d love to give my photos a touch of love with your presets!!

  • i would use it in my photography business to help make my photos stand out and pop, i would use it for everything! it would be my new best friend… my love ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So, who won the copies of Lightroom? I hope one of them went to me and I just missed my ‘congratulations’ e-mail ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats to whoever the winners were!

  • Dave Veffer

    The winners are Joe Azure and Vicki Wilson. Congrats and I’ve already reached out to each of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christian Victor Parigi Dagnรฆs

    I downloaded the presets for Lightroom a couple of days ago, and i have been playing a bot with them. I am truly impressed, mostly because i never thought that you could do such things as the presets do, in Lightroom. i am still shocked, and i think i have plenty of hours to play with them. Thank you for this great contribution Trey!

  • Ulrich Tutsch

    Trey’s preset are really fun to use. I achieved some results that were out-of-this-world experiences. I had to laugh when some colors gave me unexpected results.

  • Chuck Kuhn

    I would like to get back to LR, but I’ve been using Topazlabs in PS6 for years now. I’m sure this will get me started and interested in LR again. Tks

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