Trey’s Variety Hour: Episode 44

Trey’s Variety Hour #44: General Hangout Overdrive + Live How-To!

1) Fill the hangout with fun photographers. 2) See what happens!

Frederick Van Johnson, Jared Polin, Varina Patel, and Jay Patel join me to discuss their current photo projects and show us some of their work. Good stories and fun times! Also, since there seemed to be a lot of questions around my Aurora Australis photos, I did a Live how-to during the show.

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Thank you for watching!

Thank you for watching the show, I hope you enjoyed it! While you’re here be sure to have a look around!

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  • John Zeweniuk

    Thanks Trey, enjoyed the show.

  • Casper van Zyl

    Enjoyed the show,to talk about grain or noise is not taboo,some famous B/W pictures have grain and famous they are.I look at yours and every one else’s and it does not really bother me. There are times when as in this case you bring to the world something that many will never see in a life time.and its these such times when you race off to do a shoot you may or may not have the right gear but to show the shot to others is what bring you joy and that goes for many on lookers of your blog. I enjoy documentaries and watching other peoples blogs on there travels is like watching a documentary in a sense,also it gives people out there a feel that I can do that or will try and do it. Next time folks you see grain don’t judge the book by its cover as they say you to may have to shoot a picture in such bad circumstances only having a cheap camera and that what ever you shot may never be repeated in a life time. If the grain is as big as golf balls so be it you are the only one with the picture.The moral of the story grain is ok!! Some time.

  • Klaus Noergaard

    Great show! Great to see different kinds of photography niches.

  • michaelkehm316

    i think it’s Jared Polin, not Jared Polen…;-)

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