Hoodman Review – CompactFlash Cards and Other Gadgets

I have put up a full Hoodman Review here on the site. They have two products – compact flash cards and something called a “HoodLoupe” — all information is there after the link!

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  • Mark

    Thanks for the review of the Hoodman cards. I didn’t even know they made cards. I can also vouch for the Loupe. Works great outside, and saved me several times when I could actually seen the screen and realized I needed to retake a shot. When other prosumers see it, they come up and ask me about it. I’ve probably sold a dozen for Hoodman that way.

  • http://williambeem.com William Beem

    I remember you sending out those tweets when your Lexar cards failed (twice that I know). Glad to see you’re happy with the Hoodman cards. Mine have been fast and reliable.

    For those who go to Photoshop World, you can buy those cards at a discount there. My 16 GB cards typically go for $300, but they’ve been $250 at PSW. Still expensive, but worth it to me.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpaxonreyes Jonathan P Reyes

    The Schrödinger’s Card part…that was too clever by a half (which is something one of my math professors used to say). Maybe if you were referring to the “problem” cards, then you could ask, “Is that image data in a superposition of written and unwritten states? Well, I’ll make an observation and see what happens…”

    But you want to say, “These Hoodman cards are so great that I know with absolute certainty that all of my data has been written, and perhaps instantaneously by spooky action-at-a-distance entanglement!”

    Or are you just talking time travel?

  • http://www.ainsworthimages.com Tom Kostes

    Love the Loupe, use it all the time, in fact I have two, one for any assistant I may be working with!

  • http://www.andycalnan.com Andy Calnan

    Any comments on the right angle viewer? I’ve been looking to get something like that for a while, and I’m very impressed with the products they show on their site.

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