I told my brother that I was going to the Ukraine. He warned me that the women there were not pretty – short, fat, and hairy were the three admonitions he passed along. I think Kyle learned everything he knows about East European women from the German swimming team in the 1976 Olympics.

I am in the Ukraine (it’s hard to tell from this picture) for work with a software partner there that has about 160 programmers, artists, animators, and other game-development disciplines. It just so happens that Oleg, CEO of this other company, is a famous photographer in the Ukraine. He has more photography equipment than Hefner and Flynt combined. He also has his own photography studio with enough lights to melt Chernobyl (strange segue to my story about Chernobyl).

Oleg and I talk a lot about photography. I’m more into landscapes and unique finds. He’s more into male/female models and having them do things with props and scenes and shaving cream. He invited me to his studio and Saturday and said, “We get models, zerefore we take some pictures.” I had never worked in a studio like his before, so I gave him a big thumbs up.

We showed up at his studio early and spent an eternity as he showed me every light, every strobe, every remote control, and another eternity looking at aperture and lighting and then having a 250-pound Ukrainian man sit in a chair to get the lighting right… Instead of posting a picture of the 250-pound Ukrainian man, I decided to put up this one of the model.

I only speak a few words of Russian, so I let Oleg do all the talking. We snapped away for a while and I got some interesting shots. I have a bunch more that I will post in coming weeks/months.


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  • YK

    Please don’t call it “the” Ukraine. It’s just not correct.

  • If there is a ‘classic’ Ukrainian woman I haven’t met her, but the ones I have met have shared the traits of lustrous black hair, athletic stature, and a very pleasant, very mysterious nature.

  • Bcp

    I notice u haven’t got urself to Norway yet – u should come here!

    if u come here, these places would be worth a pic:
    -“De syv søstre”
    -“Bryggen i Bergen”

  • mark

    I spent half a year in 2005 in Kharkov. {Jan-June)
    You will find the ladies are the hottest! They are predominately Darker haired But almost 90% beach their hair blonde.
    There is 2 things you will immediately find out. 1.. 99% are in fantastic shape! I stood in the middle of Kharkov’s main downtown square{by the 24hr camera shop with everything} and could not find a obese woman under a hour… and that is in the heart of a 1.6 million city….try that in the good ole USA….
    2. They are SMARTER then us {USA} on average… No doubt about it… One thing the communist regime truly pushed was EDUCATION… so many have double degrees… Most are truly intelligent people.
    They would blow American students away on a grade by grade accumulative score.

    I think that’s what blew me away the most. Also the violence is not there like American cities.
    I once stopped 2 drunk off duty police officer’s in a fight.. Jumped in and grabbed the aggessor.
    Then a crowd formed a wall in between us and the other police officer.
    From that day on, every time i walked into the Computer cafe- In a huge building, They would all want to shake my hand and buy me a drink. I guess I was well received after that… Was a REAL calculated risk on my part because I was not there at the time that long and did not know my consequences.
    GOD! I miss that place..Darn I want to go back soon! I believe the computer cafe was called ahhh “navigator” or something like that… I remember “Roma” and Misha… they were celebrating Misha’s birthday the day the fight broke out… Man! Them Ukrainians can DRINK!

    Man… I could go on a roll hear…. But I’ll say it for another day!
    I do remember being at this soccer game and met these gentleman that were working on some computer software or hardware{not sure} programs… They spoke english and i think were from the states…
    I spoke to one of them… Probably many American’s in Kharkov working computer related business!
    In definitely wishing to be in your spot! FOOD and LADIES were the VERY BEST! Peace

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